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Wedding March 2014 - the incentive I need!

Hi there. I have just booked my wedding for March next year. I am overweight and pretty much always have been. My weight has yo yoed over the years but I'm now the heaviest I've ever been at 15 and a half stone. I hate the way I look and am dreading having to go and try on wedding dresses!

As my wedding's not for 10 months yet, I really want to try and lose the weight. I have joined the gym and am walking the three miles to work every day but the problem is I'm a totally secret binge eater! i am terrible for binging at lunchtimes and on the way home from work. I just don't know if I have the willpower to diet and I suppose i'm just looking for some motivation. I don't want to do some faddy diet, I want to lose this weight for life so any tips would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading.

Laura x


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    Congratulations on booking your wedding image where abouts are you getting married?

    I am starting to write down what I am eating each day, so I am more aware of the odd packet of crisps or chocolate bar image A friend of mine has put a photograph on the fridge of herself at the size she used to be for motivation image

    Although I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. Your OH loves you just the way you are. When I was dress shopping another bride decided to order her dress 3 sizes smaller than her measurements and she is getting married this summer! 

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    Hey hun, I feel your pain. I'm desperately trying to shift at least a stone before October but I'm also finding the late night treats too hard to resist sometimes. I'm so knackered after work and then looking after the kids that by the time they're in bed I just need something to reward myself for getting through the day! Bad mindset I know. image

    I downlaoded the my fitness pal app which is actually really good for keepign track of what you're eating and how many calories you can have in a day to lose weight. Joining the gym sounds good - I hate actually doing running/cycling in the gym but I love the classes like zumba and body pump. Absolutley killed me the first time I did them but as long as you do it a few times a week you lose the achiness.

    Big hugs, I'm sure you'll find a gorgeous wedding dress that looks great, whatever your weight. 

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    Have you thought about weight watchers? I think it is one of the healthiest and most sustainable diets you can do as it doesn't restrict WHAT you can eat but does restrict HOW MUCH you eat.

    If you want chocolate/pasta/crisps you can have it so long as you point it etc and it even allows for meals out/blow-out days as you have a weekly 49 points which can be used on top of your daily points. It does take a bit of getting used to because you need to understand the points system but once you know it, it's easy!!

    I currently weight 9 stone 2lb and need to be back to my comfortable weight of 8st 3lb and I am confident I can do this within a couple of months on weight watchers as my average weekely weight loss when I follow Weight Watchers is 2lb per week!

  • Bride2b2014Bride2b2014 Posts: 133

    Forgot to mention...although you can still have the unhealthy stuff that everybody craves now and again, I find that with Weight Watchers I tend to eat healthier stuff naturally because I want to get more out of my points.

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    Laura, slimming world I has many more positives. Especially for e long term weight control. 

    There is not as much measuring as ww nor do you have to buy into their franchise to try and stay on task with the diet better. I've done both. Lost weight with the old ww BUT the new plan does not work for me and I've fond it near impossible to maintain finishing at goal. 


    SW the other hand it's more a plan, not a diet. I'm at target now. Have been now for 3 months too. So early days but I am a pound over my goal, but have also been2.5 lbs under target (you're allowed 3 either way). My point is if you want lasting results nd. Not only for your wedding sw is the best option. 


    Plus more importantly, you shouldn't need encouragement. If it is something YOU really want. Why would you need encouragement to stop binge eating? What would you rather be.... Binge eating on your way home or feeling more confident In your dress?!?

    only you can do this and get you started. No one else. It has to be for you. X

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    I second weight watchers - couldn't get on with slimming world at all, I don't have to measure & count things now as I know how the plan works. Agree it's all about how much you have - so easy to overeat! Steadily losing 2lb a week, would like to shift around another half stone before my wedding in 10 weeks time 

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    hey i think i was in a fairly similar position to you in you january, with 8 months to go i was 16.5 stone the very biggest i have ever been and i just decided that was it time for change and as someone else said that really is the motivation to stop the sneaky snacks! after a good start i bought a dress 4 sizes to small (but with a large modesty pannel so prob more like 3 sizes to squeeze in it) i have not followed any diet as i know where i was going wrong-eating too much not moving enough so i have basically just eaten less and done at leat 15mins extra movement a day and i have lost 4stone and can just about do up the dress with 3 months to go. i am now thinking if i keep it up i may even have to get it altered down! ultimatlyyou have to really want it cause its really not easy! having the dress in the back of my mind has really helped for me as it just never was an option to buy anther dress both finacially and also my own stubbornness/competitivness!  for me ww and sm just represent something that at some point i can give up- no doubt they work tho! it had to be a life change for me as i was basically slowly killing myself at the weight i was. 10 months is a long time and in the 1st few weeks i was loosing 5/6 pounds a week so you can quickly see the change which is very motivating, its when you get to 1pound a week it gets tough to keep it up but by then you will already be looking in the mirror feeling good so that helps. so basically my message is if i can do it you can do it but you have to want it cause it wont be easy but will be totally worth it! x

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    I'm a weight watcher I was a gold member and managed to stay at goal for 18 months. Then over the course of a year eating exactly what I want I have put of a stone so I'm back at ww. 

    When I was much bigger I could loose weight on slimming world, but I tried it for 2weeks before rejoining ww and I gained weight. The fault of slimming world is it teaches no portion control.

    Since back at ww I've only lost a few pounds (much slower than usual for me) and I'm frustrated but I'm sticking with it as I know it works. I'm also doing 2gym, 2classes and a swim a week.

    loosing weight isn't easy however you do it requires will power but group support can help.xx

  • Hi Laura, it's great to hear you admit to your own weight loss vices with your binges. You know yourself this is stopping you lose the weight so try to find an alternative. If you eat because of boredom snack on non starchy vegetables, they are low in calories, high in nutrients and give you something to bite on!

    if your binge on the normal "junk" food you may have a sugar addiction. Zoe harcombe covers this in the harcomdirtier, one I recommend on my site.

    Try using dark chocolate at least 85% cocoa as an alternative and keep it to a block of choc a only at the end of your walk.

    You cannot out train a bad diet and you are doing great walking to work! Add a couple of weight sessions a week along with cutting cosmetic carbs and you should start to see the weight loss you want for your wedding.

    Hope you find this helpful, check out for some wedding weight loss motivation tips.

    Good luck.


  • Mrs MojoMrs Mojo Posts: 22


    I specialise in helping brides-to-be look and feel great for their wedding and I want to say you can do this.

    Start off by writing down what you want to achieve and by when, then break it down into small achievable steps so you can stay motivated.

    Please do not go on any calorie controlled diet or portion controlled diet as all of the studies show they only work in the sort-term. Instead you need to control the binges - is it sugar you are bingeing on? If so google candida and go on the Harcombe Diet. It's easy to follow, healthy and is the only one out there to tackle the cravings and binges.

    Well done for taking up exercise. You need to change this every 4-6 weeks to get the most benefit. So start to walk faster every 2 minutes, then give yourself 2 minutes where you walk at your normal speed - play around with this, but the aim is to lengthen the time you walk faster and shorten the time you walk at your normal pace.

    Write yourself a love letter too, focussing on the best bits you love abut you and your body. It's no good beating yourself and focussing on what you don't like as this just makes you want to reach for the biscuits.

    If there's anything I can do to help just get in touch.


  • ladyhoops2bladyhoops2b Posts: 68

    Im in a similar position! Im looking to lose around 4 stone. Im a secret eater, love food the wrong food and lots of it! I needed motivation so I joined a gym.. going 4 times a week after 2 months no weightloss, as i was eating what i want!

    To achieve weightloss its 70% food 30% exercise. I have tried fitness pal but it wasnt motivating enough for me. I wanted a slimming club ( have tried all before) but i couldnt afford it with paying for a premium gym 

    On a visit to the doctors i got chatting about my weight as it was becoming a major downside in my life, She said she would refer me to weight watchers free of charge for 12 weeks.

    I have got to lose 5% of my body weight to continue to go for another 12 weeks. I have only been doing it 10 days lost 3.5 in my first week.

    Its a good diet works for me as i work shifts , but whatever diet you choose being slimming world or ww i would def attend the class. I feel i work harder when someone else is weighing me! 

    I have so much motivation and determination than I have ever before. My aim is to try on a sample size 14 of a dress i love by july im 16/18 at the moment.

    I wish you good luck on your journey. Im here to motivate you if you need it!

    x x  

  • Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for the encouragement. Overwhelmed by all your kind words. The first week of my new regime has went well. I walked to work every day last week and went to the gym 3 evenings and I feel great for it. Have started a food diary - writing down everything I eat and not taking any money to work so that I can't buy any chocolate etc (I know this seems a bit extreme but my lack of willpower is shocking.) I am really determined to do this!

    image - we are getting married in Grenada at Sandals. So excited! I heard somewhere that if you're buying a dress much too small you have to sign a disclaimer in case it doesn't fit and you try to sue the shop!

    JulesC - I am using my fitness pal now and it's brilliant. It has certainly shocked me learning the calories in some things!

    Bride2b2014 / glitter- I am going to have a look at WW today. Maybe the embarrassment of a class will be good motivation!

    Malb132b - that is so inspirational. I would love to lose 4 stone but wasn't sure it was achievable in the timespan. You have really inspired me to go for it!

    Ladyhoops - i'm the same position - size 16-18 at the moment but would love to be 12-14. Thanks so much for your motivation!




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    Hi all. Congrats on booking the Big Day. My sister got me on to theis app  called Fitness Pal, thats really good. In essence its the same as writing it down but it calculates the callories and lets you know how much you have left per day. You can also scan the items in and its done automatically. Its good because it encourages good practice at loosing wight. You put in all the details such as heigh, weight and weight yuo would like to be, however it will tell you if its to low. It calculates what you should eat and how long it will take. You can still eat all that you like as long as iyou keep with in the daly allouance. Also it keeps track of your exercise, and if you log any exercise it will increse you food limit to keep you on track. It also lets you know if you are eating to little and that your body will go int starvation mode, which explains that it will hold on to fat because the body thinks you are starving it. Anyway this sound a bit like a pitch for the app, but i do just really enjoy it. its so easy, and there is a community to keep you going but you dont have to join it if you want to do it alone. AND ITS FREE. xx

  • Hey ladies, My fitness pal is a fantastic app that helps you log your food and allows you to see what the food consists of: proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories. However don't get to hung up on calories!

    The amount of calories you consume does not matter as much has the quality of calories.

    For example 500 calories of cookie does not result in the effect of consuming 500 calories of steak! That's why ww changed their points system.

    I would recommend my fitness pal to help you learn about what your foods consist of so you' make good choices for your weight loss whilst maintaining your health and not starve yourself.

    keep going weight loss that lasts doesn't happen overnight but you'll get there cos its your wedding! image


  • I find my fitness pal really useful but I think more importantly for me than calories is generally eating healthier and making informed choices. Eg salads instead of sandwich or fruit instead of cake! I'm aiming for a healthier way of life, not a faddy diet!


  • That's great to hear Laura,that's how weight work should be looked at, not just losing weight over night only to put it back on cos the diet is unrealistic to maintain!

    take a look at the smarter science of slim , it's a lifestyle based on proven studies and gives diet and exercise guidance all based on facts. It is not a fad! Jonathan Bailor is the author and he breaks down foods into SANE or INSANE.

    He aims to make slim simple. I recommend this lifestyle through my site for ladies wanting to live healthy and lose weight long term.

    The exercise part of this program is very interesting and follows the philosophy : eat more, exercise less but smarter!

    see what you think image 

  • I will definitely have a look at that G. Thank you!

  • Well it's going fairly well so far. I've lost about 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I haven't been doing anything drastic. Been trying to stick to around 1500 calories a day but I have went over a few times. I've been walking to work (3 miles) every day and have also been to the gym a few times. I think just generally cutting out the crap is helping me. I feel much better for it too. How are all the other brides doing this week?

    Laura xx

  • Good Afternoon!  I wanted to share my story with all of you because there is hope for all of you to succeed at your goals for your upcoming weddings and lifetime of health.  I have had a weight problem my entire life and when I set my date for my wedding I also had the calender and goals set.  Although at the time I was not successful in losing any weight prior to my wedding, today after being married for 16 years and four children I have successfully lost 80 pounds and have kept it off for 2 years.  The reason I found this post is because I am planning on doing the Bridal Expos as a vendor so I can help brides and bridal parties, etc. achieve their goals.  Today I am the mom I always dreamed of being and teaching my children the benefits of living a healthy life.  If you would like more information on my story and how I accomplished reaching my goals please send me your info and I will contact you!  Have a blessed day, Angie

  • Hi Laura 

    just wondering how your getting on? 

    Rach xx

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