How can I lose weight for my wedding?

Hello all,


My wedding is booked for August next year (2014)

And I have bought my dress and is a size 14 (Really its more like a 12) and I am not far off a 16. So I need to lose some weight before the wedding.I am hoping to lose 1.5 stone but will be happy with a stone.

Any ideas on what type of exercising I can do and any diets worth doing?

Thank you x


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    I am doing slimming world, and have got two dvds to try to tone everything up a bit, I have lost a stone as of today! This is without the dvds which only arrived last week. SW is good if you stick to it. I am probably a similar size, getting married on the 30th August next year, and want to lose at least another stone. I haven't got my dress yet, but hope to order a size 14. I have done Weight Watchers before as well, and either work if you stick to them, for me SW is a bit better.

    Good luck! x 

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    Thank you x I shall look into Slimming world x as they advertise all the time round here x

  • Hi I was in a similar place to you last year,I wanted to be able to buy a size 14 wedding dress but I was a size 18. I managed to lose 2 stone on weight watchers while regulary going to zumba dance classes which I loved but which can be expensie! I found weight watchers to be really easy to stick to as I could eat treats and take aways etc as long as I counted the points.

    The weight loss then plateaued and I had a few months not on a diet. Now I'm back on the wagon and have lost a further 8 pounds on the 5:2 diet while doing jillian michaels ripped in 30 dvd. I do it 3/4 times a week and it only takes 30 mins which is ideal. I know my measurements now will fit in my size 14 wedding dress when it arrives but with 10 weeks to go until the wedding I am guna keep going and see how much more I can lose. The best advice is find something you enjoy doing and keep at it,good luck you can definately do it! image xxx

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    Sensibly, not burning less than you eat! Don't try anything faddy - you're just messing with your metabolism which does you no favours in the long run. Eat sensibly, look at fat, salt and sugar intake. Exercise an hour a day 4 or 5 days a week if you can. Include rest, especially if you are new to Phys, as this is when your body recovers and builds.

    Get some advice on a weight routine - don't panic about bulking up, you won't be lifting heavy enough weights or eating enough protein for it! But your body will burn cals long after your workout and muscles require more calories for every day use. Plus you will look more toned.

    Do cardio intervals - start with 30 secs fast running/rowing/cycling then rest and repeat say 4 times. Increase the number of intervals and length gradually and play about with the rest periods inbetween. 

    If you need any advice feel free to PM me. 

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    *By burning not 'not burning' stupid iPad lol

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    I done Herbalife shakes, cabbage soup diet and ALOT of power walking, I managed to lose 1.5 - 2 stone in 6-7 months. I orederd my wedding dress a few weeks after having my baby (9.5lbs) so I was pretty big, I ordered a size 18 uk and had to get it took in 4" each side then followed by another 1-2". I am going to start them again as I want to get back to my weight I was before both kids, 1 - 1 1/2 stone to go....... image

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    Thank you guys x I am going to go to a slimming world this evening after work and see how that goes.... But will also look into work out dvds to exercise from home as I dont want people watching me exercise x Thank you x

  • honestly, the best way to lose weight is cut out snacking and puddings except for weekends. 

    Google 'No S diet' and have a read image

    I've been doing it for 3 weeks, I've got more energy and feel great and my clothes feel looser and it's a lifestyle change that will go beyond the wedding. I don't feel deprived at all and I've been set free from the diet trap!


    Hope this helps image

  • have you tried juice plus?

    i did it before my wedding and lost 2stone and i am still taking it now as a vitamin as my nails grew, hair was loads better and justs felt 100% better!
    since starting it all my friends wanted some so i started to sell it! .. if you want a bit more info on it message me and i can detail it all for you x

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    Herbalife all the way!! I wanted to lose weight after putting on quite a bit when I was pregnant with my son. I have been doing Herbalife and its excellent. I've lost nearly 2 stone and 3cm off my waist and hips. It's a gradual process but it really works. 


    Good luck with whatever you do 

  • RJBRJB Posts: 62

    Herbalife all the way!! I wanted to lose weight after putting on quite a bit when I was pregnant with my son. I have been doing Herbalife and its excellent. I've lost nearly 2 stone and 3cm off my waist and hips. It's a gradual process but it really works. 


    Good luck with whatever you do 

  • Getting carbs from only things such as fiberous vegetables and 30 minutes of fasted steady speed cardio in a morning helps me when I want to lose a bit of weight.

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    Thank you guys xx anything is worth a try x will continue with slimming world for a month or two and if not losing any weight I shall try one of the others x thank you x

  • I tried laser and ultrasound lipo.  Had 6 treatments and lost 8 inches in total from my thighs - amazing!

  • I'd really really recommend eating 'clean' and lots of green tea!

    It was something I came across when I attended a fitness bootcamp; basically its cutting out all the processed things!  Over the course of a year I lost 6  stone.

    I havnt been as careful with what I eat over the last 6/7 month and dont feel as 'healthy' for it although I havnt put on any weight.  Our wedding is in December and i'd love to lose another stone and tone up a bit so I've started eating clean again and have just started the 30 day shred (as i cant afford a gym membership at the moment!) so fingers crossed this helps.

    I would though really really recommend eating clean! If you search for it on google there should be lots of results; we have a book by Tosca and its brilliant.


    Hope this helps xxx

  • Hi Ya!

    I have recently lost 1 stone in about 6 weeks (still another 2 to go).  I have no been on a diet as such and have not done any exercise at all yet, I have just been counting calories and only been consuming 1200 a day, I have still been eating what I want including chocolate and eating out but just making sure I do not go over 1200.  To record my calories and find out how many calories are in what I eat I have been using My Fitness Pal which has really helped me.  Just enter your current weight an your goal weight and it will tell you how many calories to eat a day and also tell you what date you will reach your goal weight.  

    it's working for me so far, if you do exercise as well you can enter that in and you are then allowed more calories.


    hope this helps!

  • Hey Peanut
    First of all your name is cute! have a look at these tips they worked for me very well at the time of my wedding.
    1. 20 minute walk ( NOT RUN ) everyday. walking or tread mill speed less then 3.0 possibly with incline will burn fat do not run. running will do cardio. you want weight loss.

    2. park far as you can at work, grocery store, use manual door, useless elevator. ( this alone can shave off 5lbs in a year.

    3.Drink water at least 8 cups a day. no more pop. diet soda is worst than regualr soda, aspertane is really really not good for you.

    4. when you eat. do not watch tv, talk on the cell phone..etc.. focus waht you are doing, eat! enjoy the flavor. listen to your stomach. when it say i'm full stop

    5. let the fork down while chowing!! slow down don't inhale food.

    6. eat when you are hungry. do not starve your self. REMEMBER #4.

    7. Always leave something on your plate. even if it's a bite.

    Hope i helped
    kids sportswear
    Ariana Watson


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