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Feeling a bit deflated!

So I have been using my fitness pal for 4 weeks the first two weeks I lost 5 and a half pound. But since then I have stayed the same which is quite disheartening as I have been really good! I've lost over a stone since may which I know is good but there is still plenty to come off! 

Anyway back to my fitness pal- I dont use all my calories all the time, sometimes I'll have about 200 spare. When I put finish logging for the day it tells me the weight I will be in 5 weeks but I don't see it happening lol! 


The he only thing different this week is that I done a lot more exercise then I usually do, but I have bee going to boot camp for over the past year so thought the whole muscle toning before weight loss would be done with by now?! 




The the only thing different this 


  • Hi Popsy

    Try not to get disheartened.  Everyone plateau's at some point as your body gets used to the new calorie intake.  I would try and eat all your calories though as if your body isn't getting enough then it will try and hang on to what you are putting in.

    I love my fitness pal but with me it sometimes makes me concentrate too much on calorie content and not enough on eating the right type of food.  i.e. i'll sacrifice those 5 portions of veg for a milky way!  So I've now started following a low GI diet but am also still tracking on my fitness pal.

    Stick with it!


  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    Yeah, to be honest I always get told I don't eat enoigh. like with weight watchers I was allowed 39 points but it was too many for me! 

    I think I will try and use them all up.


    thanks for the advice image x

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    Hi Popsy,

    As a personal trainer and nutritionists I will advise that it is good that you are able to watch what you are eating through My Fitness Pal, but try not to get to carried away on counting the calories.

    Not sure on the exercise you do, but you mentioned doing bootcamp for over a year. The body generally gets used to exercise after 6 weeks so you have to keep shocking the system and introducing new exercises, increased weight or times for it to have an effect on your body.

    In your food I would just make sure you a burning the amount of calories you are taking in and look a decreasing your carb intake on non exercise days!

    stick with it, it is difficult and everyone loses more at the beginning of a healthy food/exercise regime  x

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    That's great, thanks so much leab.


    I have just treated myself to a x trainer and exercise bike! Struggle to do weights as I have a neck injury and find whenever I do any weight work it's hurts, can't even do sit ups or push ups image 

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