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What diet would be best???

Hello people

I am really keen for your advice from your experience and knowledge of the best diets around.

I am about 5ft 3 and 9 stone 12lbs - I am a size 12 but would love to be a a size 10 for my big day in July 2014 and lose about a stone. Ideally I want this to be something I acheive for Christmas and just keep off for, well, ever!

Now I love exercise, I go to body combat a few times a week, run once a week and walk the dog on the weekends. My main problem is food and wine - oooooh I love a good glass of wine! I also travel quite a bit with work so can end up eating junk between meetings. I'm a  bit poo at calorie counting but motivated enough I can do it.  

I am considering slimming world and the 5:2 diet but would love love peoples advice!




  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    I highly recommend the 5:2. In 3 months doing the 5:2, gym 3 times a week and on none 5:2 days eating below 5% fat foods I've lost 1st 4lbs and only have 6lbs left to go to reach my ideal weight. Gone from a 12/14 to a 10/12 but would love to be a solid 10 by the wedding day! 

    I also travel a lot with work ... Spent 10 hours on a train yesterday and it's sooo hard. Sometimes I manage it but other days (like yesterday) I cave in! I even strayed well off the 5% fat rule and had a Cornish pasty co lamb and mint pasty!! Big treat but so worth it!! 

    Theres a great 5:2 support group on here too which I've found so helpful. If you do 5:2 it's really important to see it as a healthy lifestyle choice even on the none 500 days otherwise you'll undo all the good work.

    Might see you over on the 5:2 thread ... Good luck with whatever you choose.


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I'm on slimming world and it really works for me but the key to it in my eyes is planning and actually cooking meals from scratch and with you saying you travel a lot with work you'd have to be very organised with making meals the night before to take with you etc. Good luck whichever you choose xx 

  • From years of yo yoing I have found that no diet ever works and life is too short to be following a plan and counting points (it's taken me a long time to finally figure this out)

    I recently started cutting out snacking, having 3 meals a day then treats at weekend. Long story short I have had a lot of eating issues. I feel like I have been set free from the diet trap and it is something that is a lifestlye change and not just a slim down for wedding then put it back on! I have been doing this 10 weeks now and I feel fab!

    I haven't weighed myself as I get obsessed by the numbers but my clothes are looser and I notice the difference in the mirror!

    Click and have a read. It's basically 3 plates a day (breakfast, dinner, tea) with no snacking in between apart from days that begin with S. (basically weekend) I eat whatever I fancy but then nothing inbetween. I enjoy eating what my hubby to be eats and not worrying! Then weekends I enjoy something sweet.

    My cravings have completely gone and I hardly think about food until it comes to meal time.

    Weight loss is slow but that is because that's what weight loss should be, then it's maintainable!

    Good luck with your weight loss however you decide to do it  image

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