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dress agony

I am taking my dress along to bridal store (not where I bought it) and I am trying on my dress in front of the woman as I am paranoid that it is the wrong fit. I need to know now if it is wrong and need to order a different size as then I know how I can rectify it.

I am losing weight and already the dress was too big when it came in so I think that the size is all wrong. I wish I had quit my losses and just walked away having only paid the deposit because I know if I was chosing the size now I would have been advised to go for the smaller size.

I would have ordered the smaller size had i known that due to personal circumstances we postponed the wedding.

I am worried and losing sleep over it as the dress was incredibally expensive. What;s more my Dad warned me and will say "i told you so!"



  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    Why don't you just get it taken in? 

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I'm sure you can take a dress in up to three sizes smaller x

  • Hay, I'm new here. Title of your post was the first one that cought my eye as I know exactly how you feeling... Got the same problem and don't have a clue what to do now! I'm really worried that taking the dress in is going to destroy it... image & image


  • Echo SWEcho SW Posts: 72

    Seamstresses can work wonders on ill-fitting dresses so do try not to worry yourself. Unless you have had a dress specifically designed for you, no wedding dress is made to offer you a perfect fit and it is expected that brides will have it altered for the best fit.

    Once it's been taken in I bet you'll feel a million dollars.

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