wedding dress question regarding weight loss

I purchased my dress in September. Its a size 10 and it fit perfect. So I even got to take it home. Well, the only problem is that what bride doesn't want to get into shape before the wedding?! I'm terrified that I'm going to lose weight and when they go to take it in it just won't look the same. I know they're professionals. And it'll probably be okay. But its my biggest concern lately. 


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    I was told that they can be adjusted by three sizes (much easier to make smaller than larger). As your a size ten, would it be worth just trying to tone up if your worried? I really wouldn't aim to loose to much.

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    I bought mine in a 10 and thought I might loose a little weight, or even 'tone up' my arms for the big day. They told me mine can be adjusted to fit a smaller size, just not bigger due to the detail on the the top. Just consider any additional cost for adjustments. I was quoted between £100-£250, depending on how much needed to be taken in and on what part of the dress. I would also only trust a dress maker that has worked with wedding dresses previously, as lace, satin and silk fabrics are very tricky to work with so would need someone experienced.

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    Most dresses can be taken in or let out 1 size without it changing

    But its always best to be taken in than let out

    I ordered mine last sat and when they measured me up they said I was inbetween a 6 and an 8 and so we ordered the 8 and it'll be taken in slightly. to let out you run the risk of no detail / enough material etc

    I wouldnt worry, if it looked perfect then you dont need to lose too much as image said just look to tone up.


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    I lost 2.5 stone and my dress was 2 sizes too big for me by the time I got to my first fitting. It was professionally altered, and looked exactly as it should have done. A good seamstress will alter it without changing the 'look' of it - so don't worry about it.image

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    It depends on the style as well. If it's a lace up back then it can be adjusted easily just by tightening the lacing. They will always alter it to fit your exact shape as well x 

  • Hi Dany

    Every dress could be enlarged. It would be very easy job for a tailor, but the enlarged part is limited. So I suggest that when you decide to order a prom dress or wedding dresses, you had better get yourself measured, and give the shop your custom size, and the dress would perfectly fit you. Even though you would possibly be heavier when you need to wear it attend the party, you could go to the tailor's shop to enlarge it.

    Here is a good wedding dress and prom dress shop,

    I ordered one prom dress from the shop, the seller Swan ask me if I need to custom size, and there is no extra charge about it, and when I receive the dress, it is just perfect!!! You could see the dress I wear, and the dress displayed on the shop, just perfect!!!





  • A good seamstress can easily take a dress in by a few inches and it will look just as good, if not better because it will be custom fitted to your exact shape rather than a standard size off the peg. Just make sure you have budgeted for the alterations, around £150 is pretty standard.

    I bought my dress in a size 14 and need to lose around 2 and a half stone before I'm happy with my weight so I imagine mine will need to be taken in at least one dress size if not more by the time I'm done!

    Just do your research when you are getting your alterations done, find a good seamstress who is very experienced with wedding dresses. Most bridal shops have a seamstress they will use so visit a couple of shops and see if any of them can give you some contacts - try the shop you bought the dress from first.

    And if you are worried about losing weight, then dont go over the top with the cardio and ensure you are eating a bit more to counteract any exercise you are doing. At a size 10 it sounds like you have a great figure, so doing weights and exercises based on the resistance of your own body weight will be best to tone up rather than lose weight. Women are often afraid of weights but in fact they are great for getting a little definition and 'firming up' any wobbly areas without bulking you up. To get a lean, fit body you have to do a lot of weights, cardio only really works to slim you down rather than tone up.

    So avoid running, swimming, cardio machines at the gym etc and hit the weights - you might even find you put on a few pounds but you will lose inches and tone up any bits you are unhappy with. I've created a pinterest board for inspiration for my weight loss and all of the pics I have pinned are of fit, toned women not skinny girls - all of the before and afters are girls that have done a lot of weight training, that is the only way to get a really fit toned body.

    It sounds like you dont want to lose weight and be skinny either, just be a bit fitter and firmer so you feel your best. So dont be afraid of the weights, dont do too much cardio, eat lots of protein to ensure you are not losing too much weight and then find a good seamstress to get your dress fitting like a dream. And dont worry, you will look great image

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