Losing weight on arms!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can loose weight on my arm? 

i'm starting to fell really conscious of them general day to day, and when i think about the wedding i do panic! i normally wear cardi's or tops that cover the tops of them up but with getting married abroad i want to be as cool as possible otherwise i would prob look for a dress with lace arms or something! 

the other issue is, i have a problem with my left shoulder (it kind of pops out of place) its worse since i have my car accident and got whiplash and it all sort of connect, so i struggle to lift my left arm up or out to the side! for example i done press ups this morning and felt like my arm was going to give way!


Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!!xxx


  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    You can't spot reduce body fat, all you can do is work the muscles so they look fab once the fat level is reduced.

    I strongly suggest you find a pt or Pilates instructor with injury rehab experience, who will know how to get the best results without affecting the  with your shoulder.

    I qualified as a proof a few years back could give you a very long list of arm exercises but that would be irresponsible without adding your issue.

    I suspect you have some muscle imbalances, which if corrected should stop the popping, which maybe down to one set of muscles being stronger than another. I have this issue with the muscles in my thighs, means I have to really concentrate when doing squats and slowly build up my movement range for none wobbly squats, I can do a full range squat but if you watch closely you can see my knees wobbling which is the easy to see indicator of the muscle imbalances I can feel!

  • HanbirdHanbird Posts: 40

    I put my arms out like a star jump shape and do really small circular movements forward then after a while  backwards then bigger circles to end! Do it for like one/two mins just a few times a week xxx

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