Please help me to stay motivated to keep the numbers dropping!

Hello ladies! 

Though it's quite a way away I've embarked on the mass task of loosing my excess weight before my wedding. Last Monday morning was a rather disappointing revelation. appaulingly I weighed in at a grand total of 16stone2pounds, at a 22 year old 5ft11 in clothing size 14 I found this quite surprising and wanted to tackle it head on. 

Ideally I would like to get down to 10 stone. This would put me within a healthy bmi range without looking too skeletal/thin I hope! But my initial goal is to reach 12 stone and readdress from there and potentially adjust my end goal. 


week one 

So week one has passed in a blur of busy work days and a massive diet change. While I didn't eat too terribly with meals beforehand and rarely drink sweets and chocolate weremy biggest  vice. so I banned my fiancé from bringing them in the door and avoided takeaways and convenience food-opting for a slimfast shake mid morning and then a light healthy dinner around 5.30/6. With a graze box snack if peckish in the evening. After a month or so I am going to introduce another light meal at lunchtime as to not mess my metabolism up too much and will fluctuate my intake across the week to keep my weight loss at its optimum.

the only things I deviated last week were a meal out on Saturday late afternoon for my grandpas Birthday where I opted for a flatbread tostada and a few chips and yesterday I did still have my roast dinner-though used light 1 cal sprays for my roasting and sacrificed my Yorkshire puddings and crackling! 

The hard work paid off though as this morning I weighed in at 15stone7! A whole 9lb less if my maths is correct. It's still a long way to go but I'm hoping that by broadcasting my progress to you lovely ladies I don't resort back to my bad diet before.

later on down the line I plan to incorporate insanity into my regime however we currently have a very full garage and that's the only space I have large enough to do it!! 



  • Forgot to add I'm also really twitchy about colleagues, in laws, family etc knowing I'm on a diet as such. Fully aware I'm being silly as they will offer support-just makes me really uncomfortable eating infront of them when I know they know! just makes life that little bit harder when it comes to birthday cakes at work or meals out with family xx

  • Hello

    it is best not to tell anyone you're on a diet as although the majority of people will be supportive you get the jealous feeder types who want to sabotage your efforts and have always got a better diet that you 'should' be following!

    Well done on your loss so far, keep going image and when you feel like giving up remember what you are doing it for, it will all be worth it in the end when people start saying ooh haven't you lost weight! - I wouldn't even tell people at that point that you're on a diet!

  • Thanks ladies! it's definitely the other opinions that are the issue! Though working in a cafe that prides itself of handmade cakes is a bit torturous at times. Planning on having a more relaxed approach over the weekend so as to not drive myself totally mad. hopefully will reach my goal by summertime/autumn so that I can attempt dress shopping! X

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    Hi I am def interested in following you, as I am same age and a few pounds heavier and want to loose about three stone. When is ur wedding xx

  • Hi popsyxx-our wedding isn't until August 2016 so I'm lucky that I have quite a while! Though we have our last proper holiday pre wedding in August this year an should like to be a lot slimmer by then! Saw some beautiful dresses last year at the national wedding show and want to be at my wedding weight ideally by October so I can see if I can get what I want! When's your day?Xx

  • Thankyou I'll take a look now xx

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    Wow well done on the 9lbs in one week.

    i did rosemary conely. I only told my mum (she was going with me) and my h2b at the beginning. Told a few others along the way but majority of people don't know. I didn't see why they needed to. I did find the weekly weigh in really helpful.

    i started in July and by November I had lost a stone and a half and reached my goal weight. I then stopped going to RC as I couldn't afford to keep that up and the gym. The gym has helped me to maintain the weight loss. I have fluctuated 2lbs up 2lbs down over the last couple of months but I am happy with that! 

    Mum is still doing really well with her weight loss ... Occasionally she has weeks where she stays the same or struggles more - a while back I found this on Pinterest and sent it to her. We quite often say it now as motivation & a way of remembering how far she has come Which is so crucial on those weeks where the weight loss isn't as high To make sure you keep on going.




    keep up the good work!

  • Thanks!  Glad it worked for you and your mum image I'd love to be able to go to the gym etc all the time however being in the process of opening another shop means that it's not terribly feasible at the moment. Those Pinterest words are really inspiring. I think I'm so irritated by my weight as I was 2 stone lighter last January but gained a lot when quitting smoking. Xx

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    Our wedding is 27th may 2015. So I too still have a little bit of time but it will fly by and I'm dreading being a frumpy bride. I'm so stuck at the moment. Keep putting on and loosing the same 2lb! Been like it for about five weeks now. So annoying when I know there is plenty more I should be able to loose!xx

  • That's a bit rubbish. A few years ago I lost a fair bit (all has gone back on since) and I hit a total rut-turned out i hadn't been eating enough for so long that my body just got used to it and stopped loosing. Then as soon as I started eating properly it all piled back on. This is one of my main reasons for wanting to loose it with plenty of time to the wedding so that I can master maintaining my weight.

    have you tried having a couple of days eating the calories you should have at normal intake and then dropping back down again?? Might give your body a kick start back to plan!  

    I hope it starts coming off again for you xxx

  • week 2

    Week 2 was a write off-we got the good news that we have been accepted for a third premises with work which has bags of potential and i'm investing in. which resulted in a celebratory lunch with my boss, a cocktail or two and lots of nice food with family.

    I didn't gain an ounce but didn't loose so in the grand scheme of things isn't the end of the world.


  • week 3 has started off strong and the numbers on the scale have already started dropping by around a pound and a half-hoping next Monday ill have a decent number to get me back on track and coming down strong! would really like to be to my ideal wedding weight by autumn so i can start dress hunting!! xxx

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    Good Luck Sweet Tooth!

    Sounds like things are going really well. 

    Just to add, I think 10 stone, for your height sounds quite thin. I am 5ft 4 and look best at just under 10 stone. I originally thought I wanted to be 8.5 but for me that was too thin. I know everyone is different, my legs are very muscular because of the exercise I do for example, but I just wanted to reassure that re-evaluating at 12 stone sounds like an excellent plan. 

    Oh and if you are able to - exercise is key to supporting the weight loss journey. It helps you to stay in the right head space. Congrats on the new premises. 

    Good Luck, C

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    Well done sweet tooth! I haven't been that great the last two weeks, still been calorie coubting and exercise but my choice of food could have been better! But saying that I put on 1lb the first week (which broke the putting on 2lb pattern!) then the second week I stated the same. I have cut my calories down again this week, but have now come down with a stinking cold and only exercised once so far image xx 

  • Sadsack-I think I will have to re evaluate then-I know at 12 I still has a bit to loose but with being so tall takes loosing a fair bit to see any difference! I also struggle to build any muscle on my top half due to having shoulder problems-unfortunately not the same on the leg department! Have years of competitive swimming to thank for those! 

    Exercising regularly I'd love to do however no matter how much I love going to the gym and swimming fitting it in around the new shop being prepared for opening won't help that! Lots of 12+ hour days ahead in the next month but will be worth it! Plus carting furniture around and sanding and painting and the general madness should be a daily work out in itself! Read some of your threads about your weightloss and was a real inspiration! 



  • Popsyxx- sometimes a break and real food can help in the long run! I was amazed to not have gained and know I'll have a brilliant loss this week now I've had a week of normal eating-getting a cold at this time isn't convenient at all! Makes it so much harder to motivate yourself to do anything-I always eat utter crap when feeling sorry for myself.  Good luck and i have my fingers crossed for you that you have a great week xxx

  • Popsyxx-Ps forgot to add let me know how you get on this week image xx

  • Just found out we have ice cream tasting for the new premises next week-haha. Better make sure that it's a super good week this week!! 

  • Week 3-continued 

    just on my way home after a 13 hour stint getting the new shop ready to go! The excitement has totally taken over I cannot wait to get it open and really looking forward to having afunction  room that we can hold weddings in with it! Have catered many weddings before so totally excited to have our own venue!!

    in the madness today I've only had a slimfast shake and a mini pasty and am so exhausted I think ill collapse into bed after my bath. Will make sure to eat more tomorrow so my body doesn't go mad on me but just cannot bear the idea of cooking when I get in tonight. 

    Fingers crossed for a good loss this week-I'm sure all the scrubbing and painting and carrying furniture must help my case Though a bit worried the not eating as much may be regular over the next month- but really don't want to end up digging into the builders biscuits and sweet stash instead! Do any of you ladies have any experience in a short term drop in calories effecting their long term weight loss goals? Dont want to up my intake back to 1200 when we are open and then plateau even though eating less. Any ideas or personal experiences shared would be most gratefully welcome! Xxx

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    Well I dropped my calories down to 1300, and came down with  stinking cold cough sore throat the lot!! So my appetite hasn't been great but looking back Monday I had 208 left, Tuesday 540, Wednesday 400 calories left which that includes some that I earnt through walking! Ive aldo been taking colon ckeansing tabkets which are suppose to help weight loss . So anyway today was weighing day and I've lost..........




    3 1\2 LBS!!!!!! Wahoooooooo



    So pleased as that's the most I have lost for a long time! Not sure whether its the tablets,lack of appetite or me lowering the calories?!! Ohh well makes me feel good and now am 1lb off my lowest and have definatly broke the 2lb on and off pattern now! Let's hope it continues image xx



  • That's amazing news! Congratulations. Fingers crossed it keeps going the right way for you! I'm looking at 15lb4 today so only another 2lb to go and the first stone of many is down!!  Xxx

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    How u doing?xx

  • Sweet toothSweet tooth Posts: 165

    Braved the scales this evening and they are saying  15 6lb-however today my food has been horrific today! Breakfast panini, full Easter egg, ice cream tasting followed by a burger a huge onion ring and a handful of cheese fries-however I'm hoping that this awful binge day (and sennakot max) gets my digestive system moving as it's been a stagnant 6 days. Pretty confident that I'll have lost from last weeks 15 4lb when I wake up tomorrow morning (and certainly once things get moving! (Apologies for the potentoal TMI however Its causing me serious distress at forcing myself to eat salads which I loathe and veg for no loss!! Would like to add that the ice cream tasting was for our new cafe with work not just a random day out. Just really wish the girls didn't decide on meat liquor treats for dinner. so I'm hopeful that I'll break the 1st stone off barrier in the morning or the day after. Laid in bed feeling physically sick from all the junk food now so should mean I have an anti food day tomorrow.-only 400kcals over my maintenance calories so a good 5-600 day tomorrow will redeem that.  How are you getting on? Xxx

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    Its so hard isn't it! There is always something that comes up. I have still been doing my 200 calories less and yesterday I decided to have a chocolate bar and only had the 200 calories left afterwards  so didn't have rice with my dinner and just had pork and veg. But I actually really enjoyed no carbs and didn't feel so bloated. 

    I have been exercising again so hoping for a loss when I weigh in Thursday. I am 5lb off 2 stone. Then want to seriously crack down on dress shoppong. 


    Also so it's lent today so I am giving up chocolate, hence the reason I had a bar yesterday rather then rice haha! But I could of easily had rice and chocolate!!x

  • Sweet toothSweet tooth Posts: 165

    Pork and veg sounds lovely. I'm currently obsessed with the birds eye steam sachets of minted peas. They fit into my numbers but taste absolutely divine. Seriously regretting my burger! I feel horrendous this morning! more bloated than ever and such stomach ache. I'm debating giving up anything with dairy for lent as this cuts out both my problem areas-cheese and chocolate!! Weighed in this morning at 15 3.8lb so I'm hoping when I eventually get working in the waste department I can say its 1stone (of many) down!! 

    Tempted to throw in the 5:2 then do all other days at 1000... Plus one blowout day of 1800 to hopefully save my metabolism! Keep changing my mind though. What you think?

    good luck with the no chocolate ! Xxx

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    well Atleast u feel bad about eating the burger! Lol. I really don't enjoy eating junk food anymore. 


    Arghh its so hard isn't it, why don't u just cut down to 1200 a day then you can gradually take it down even ore, your body might go into shock if you do 1000 a day Straight away. 


    Do you use my fitness pal?xx

  • Sweet toothSweet tooth Posts: 165

    I really didn't fancy it when we sat and ordered but as I used to love it felt bad saying I don't want this!! Will aim for around 1200 and see how that goes. Though can't see me eating that much today still feel stuffed from yesterday.  I do use my fitness pal-usually come in around 7-900 on a standard day. Though maybe I need to increase slightly to stop any issues with the weight coming off. Just find it easier to restrict than to go up to that amount without turning to junk and stuff I don't really want or need! Xxx it's strange how quickly your body turns against things you used to enjoy isn't it!! Xxx

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    Maybe your not eating enough then? I never understand when people say that to me when I eat 1200-1500 calories a day and physical can't eat anymore but 700-900 doesn't sound much at all!  You could smack on things like crackers, snack a jacks, rivitas etc?xx

  • Sweet toothSweet tooth Posts: 165

    I seem to be all or nothing! I either have a day where I eat early on and then I'm ravenous and just want to eat absolute rubbish or I'm not thinking about food until midday and then struggle to have an appetite for much savoury. I can't stand snack a jacks they remind me of polystyrene but will have a look at what light snacks I can find. I prefer berries and nuts but berries seem to hike my sugar up to being well over my ideal levels and nuts seem to be high on calories and once I start I can't put them down! will have a scout round next time I go shopping and see what I can find. Or try making myself have porridge in the mornings or something to get an extra few hundred in xx

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    ok so how about planning your meals properly then? and just having your 3 meals a day?

    my food diary is roughly-

    2 slices of danish bread for breakfast and a glass of orange juice

    for lunch a crustless quiche with salad/ or chicken salad wraps

    for dinner its normally chicken something! with veg, home made wedgies, rice or noodles

    then about 9pm ill snack on a small chocolate bar like a penguin or soemthing. to be honest i never normally need it, but silly weight watchers got me in the routine of eating after dinner! i always had so many points left they used to say snack after dinner, eat a whole packet of biscuits if you need to use up your point!! and now i cant kick the habit of having something! i dont have whole pack of biscuits though lol!! 


    maybe your body does go into starvation mood as it doesn't know whether your going to feed it 700 calories or 1500!! xxx

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