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  • Hi


    Still haven't started and there's 35 days Togo!!!! Things are getting in the way! Observations artwork next week mean I really need to be on my a game!!!! Need food to do that then final tasting the week after! So is it worth me starting Tuesday after my obs and then kicking myself out of ketosis for wedding meal and starting again or jIst wait Til after tasting? Help!!! Xxxx

  • SongbirdsingsSongbirdsings Posts: 1,290

    Well I for one certainly want to know how you get on! You've done so must be able to feel a difference now image  Keep it up! 

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Hi Mrs A2B, I would maybe start just to get yourself used to smaller meals and less calories but if you think it will be better to throw yourself in 100% afterwards then either way is least you're starting!

    I had an awards night with work last night with free drinks and Indian buffet and I just had water and a shake image

    Thanks Songbirdsings, I have really felt the difference this week...danced sober last night as I felt so comfortable...that's a first!

    Shall keep posting just for you girls then!!x

  • Thanks mrs C! Will cut down and arrange for Tuesday night!! Lets do this! Xx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Keep me posted xx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    So, the carbs found me!

    I had a wedding on Friday and that led to a bad weekend, only 4lbs up though so back on it SS 100+ and hoping it'll be off plus a pound or two more by Sat x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    3lbs of the 4 off already this week so far so hoping for a weight loss this week!

    Everyone's allowed one cheat, right?!x

  • Finally managed to start on tues!!! I'm hungry!!!! Lol 

    have you tried the bars??? Xxx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Well done! I only do shakes, anything else and I start cheating image. Just weighed and I've lost what I put on last week, so back on it until my birthday in 4 weeks!

    How are you feeling now? Just don't cheat, it's totally no worth it, I felt so crappy this week xx

  • Had to have an egg salad image  better than the KFC I was craving I supposed I tried on my dress and it felt roomier so I guess I was lulled into a false sense of security! 


  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    I've had protein when I need to, much better than cheating with carbs.

    This week though I'm no food, loads of water and aiming to get into the next stone bracket!x

  • It's weigh in tomorrow and my birthday on weds! Only drunk 1.5 l today so am going to try a pint before i go to bed but can't mange much more!    

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    It takes a while to get used to upping the water, I do 5 litres a day now easily. I bought a one litre bottle with a sippy top and I find that much better. How did you do?x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    ...and have a nice birthday. Be good?? image x

  • Lost 5lbs woop! But ate today image not just ate but proper pigged out!!!! Dominoes style!!! 

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Well done! I had a pizza early on but once the weight started coming off I stopped exept for one binge 4 weeks in.

    I broke another stone bracket this morning so feeling amazing!!

    Keep going now, just have loads of water to flush out the carbs x

  • SongbirdsingsSongbirdsings Posts: 1,290

    You ladies put me to shame. The only thing I can relate to is the dominoes pizza, which I had last night! image  Feel slightly more motivated now I'm back from hen do spa break (but just needed to get pizza out of my system first! image) . With only 4 weeks to go I no longer have great aspirations... But a few pounds would be good. 

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Don't get me thinking of Dominos girls!

    I think I would give up with less than a month to go too image.

    I have 3 weeks to my birthday so sticking 100% until then wherever I can and then I might relax a bit. I still have 5 months until my wedding so can add a bit of food soon!

    I only want another 1.5 stone anyway so plenty of time!x

  • I started with just over 3 weeks tO go! Back on it now just finding water hard and fee up of nipping to the loo! I'm a primary teacher so have to find another adult so I can go of I need to is a nightmare! Only 2 more days at work then it's Easter hols and wedding time!!! Xxx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    That must be such a pain, I'm never at my desk lately!

    You must be so excited now!xx

  • My flowers arrived today woooooo! felt really good all day but didn't drink enough this afternoon sno cooking y daughters pasta bake was a challenge today! It smelt so gooD


  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Just keep thinking of walking down the aisle skinnier xx

  • EssexBride2EssexBride2 Posts: 121

    Awh we'll done girls that's so amazing, I'm on Cambridge as well I got weighed today an have lost another 5lb so I've done 25lb so far still have another 3 stone I'd like to lose by my hen do in September.

    had 5 stone to lose altogether but I'm nearly 2 stone of that down so I'm excited to get there xx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Wow, well done Essex Bride 2. 3 more stone by Sept is definitely doable. I'm so annoyed, not lost anything this week but I've been really strict. I don't get periods because of my contraceptive injection but low carb always makes one start (weird). I've been spotting since I started six weeks ago but yesterday I got a full blown period and I am bloooated!! Very frustrating x  

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    P.s Sorry for tmi!x

  • I'm terrified it might be totm on my day! Just hoPing it's over and done with in the next week! Hurry up!!!! I'm running out of time! 

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    I'd stop Cambridge now then if you haven't already. Both times I've done the diet it's messed me up like this. Maybe have the shakes for low cal but have a small amount of carbs too. I'm sure you'll be fine xx

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Hi ladies! Glad to find some Cambridge support, wanting to lose 2 stone(and maybe a bit more for cake allowances) by September! I've lost almost a stone on my own in two months but have gained 2lb in the last three weeks so think I need to try something else! I'll keep you all posted xx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Hi Leanne, well done on your loss, I'm 16lbs down in 6 weeks. Decided I'm having a week off (still mostly shakes all week but weekend food) for my birthday . Then back to it 100% in May.

    I want to lose another stone and a half before my dress fitting at the end of June so feeling like it's doable ...2 stone by Sept will be too x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    ...maybe join me in May before you try something else? Sometimes a break and a new 'start' date spurs me on. I've done Cambridge in the past and stepping away for a bit helps x 

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