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When to buy the dress...?

Hi All,

I am a weight loss bride wanting to lose quite a bit before my wedding next December (have already lost 1.5 stone already - yay!) and am unsure when to buy my dress?

Just to give you a bit of background - I am currently a size 22, however was a size 12 when I first met my H2B 5 years ago and want to be at least a size 12-14 for my wedding.

I am just wondering when I should be looking to decide on a dress? Whether to start looking now and then when I find something I love put a deposit down, etc and just get it altered as I lose - or wait until just before the wedding (which scares me to death!!)

Opinions and advice will be much appreciated image


Poppy xx


  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Congratulations on your weight loss image Dresses take between 9-6 months to order from bridal stores, so personally I would start looking about 12-11 months before your wedding date. I ordered mine 18 months before and I think I should have waited tbh.

    I wouldn't order a dress in a smaller size than you are at the time of trying them on, as it will put you under stress. Dresses can be reduced by up to 3 sizes but are a lot harder to let out.

    Hope you have a fantastic time looking for dresses. What else have you planned? image

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    Firstly, congrats on your engagement and loosing weight so far image

    I am now getting married for a 2nd time but wanted to tell you that for my first wedding.

    wWhen I got engaged I was a size 24.  I lost a stone or 2 before going dress shopping and when I finally picked my dress, the shop assistant advised me to order a 24 as my measurements came out about a size 22, just incase I put any weight on and to allow them to alter it in to my shape.  I said absolutely no way am I being a size 24 bride! So I asked her to order a size 16.  This was 6 months before my wedding.  I had to sign a form to say that i was going against their advice and that if the dress didnt fit, I'd need to cover all costs to have it altered.  About 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding, my dress came in and I had to go and try it on.  I had been consistently loosing weight since ordering the dress but i was sooooo worried it wouldnt fit!  It turns out the size 16 was too big! and I had to have it altered down to about a 14! I felt truly amazing  on my wedding day! 

    I'm now getting married for the 2nd time in september and my dress is a size 10-12image

    I'd suggest waiting as long as possible to order your dress and also suggest getting a lace up back.

    Good luck with your weight loss image


    Laura x

  • I would definitely wait, you may find what suits your body at its current shape/size doesnt suit it when youre a few dress sizes smaller. Is it this december? or the following? If its the following, I would wait until the new year and then start looking.
    Im getting married next august, and like you, want to lose some weight, so Im going to wait until sept before I step foot in a shop image Good luck with your weighloss and well done on your stone and a half! image

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