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Hi everyone, 

I've just joined My fitness pal and am aiming to lose around a stone and a half for my wedding in October. I thought it would be really supportive and motivating if we added each other!

My username is: Vegasbride14




  • I don't know how to add people but I'm RiotPaula if anyone wants to add me. I'm on the 5:2 diet and have lost a stone this year, aiming for a stone more by July x

  • KH2BKH2B Posts: 1,216

    I was just thinking of starting something like this. I've got MFP anod it has really helped me this past few months.

    what sort of eating/excercise is everyone doing?

  • I'm doing 5:2 diet, and I'm going to zumba twice per week, step aerobics twice per week, and a legs bums and tums class once per week.

  • I've just been watching my calories and eating in moderation. Trying not to deprive myself of anything!! I go to the gym 3 times a week as well


  • Yeah, I haven't cut out chocolate or anything, just calorie counting. I fail if I try and cut things out. Definitely everything in moderation!

  • Love this! My username is katierwood88 

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    Mine is catrinka88 - please add me image in need of some motivation

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    It says I need email addresses to add friends- I can't search for a username 

  • Feel free to add me too. I've been on MFP for over a year now and it's really great. I'm getting married in 10 days, and although I don't plan to lose any more weight now (lost 12kg), I will be continuing to eat healthily and work out! Oops forgot to say - my MFP name is dumbpink

  • Pig Bear wrote (see)

    It says I need email addresses to add friends- I can't search for a username 

    If you go to Community - Find Members - then you can add the username

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    Thanks Scottishbride- I was using the app and it didn't have that option. 

    Iv now added you All (catrinka88). Iv had this app ages but only use it for a few days before slacking- but back on it now! 

    My short term goal is to lose 7lb in 4 weeks as I am off to Italy for holiday. The long term goal is to be 10stone 7 or less (hopefully less!) for my wedding next year. 

  • Thanks for all the new adds! I've fallen off of the wagon over easter, but I'm back on it today!

  • Hey! 

    Im Bexsaunders2014! 

    Im terrible at actually logging things I do on it so hoping this will give me the motivation ( peer pressure) to shift a few more kilos!!! 

  • Pig Bear my goal weight is exactly the same, 10.7! Can I ask how tall you are? I'd love to be less than that (wouldn't we all!) but my starting weight was 15.7 and whilst I've lost 2 stones up to this point another 3 is a lot to do so am worried that even if I get to 10.7 it won't be enough?

    I am fully aware at how ridiculous that last bit sounds, and I know that once I get to my goal I will be able to tell from how I feel and look as to whether to maintain or to push on and lose more but it's hard for me to envisage as I haven't been 10.7 at all in my adult life.

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    Hi farmerswife- I'm 5foot 4!! 

    i would like to get down to 10.7lb and see from there if I need to lose more or not. I'm quite big chested so these probably weigh 7lb already image 

    want to add me on m. Fitness pal seeing as we are goal buddies? Hehe 

  • MrsC2015MrsC2015 Posts: 97

    Mine's Sam12to8 (Seemed motivational at the time!). In need to motivation badly. Never really use the app properly and determined to start! 

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    What's everyone's daily calorie Limit? Mine is 1200 and I am finding it quite difficult lol 

  • Mine is 1200 too and as I'm on Cambridge diet 1,200 is an actual dream! Instead I'm using it to keep myself on track and not cheat off the diet really. Also the weight tracker graph is so motivational! That said I have had a naughty weekend but did literally just now order my BM dresses so motivation is sky high for a good week of behaving ahead... hopefully...!

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    I'm on the other side of my wedding now but have app just to try n lose weight can I join? Mines kezy2014 if anyone wants to add me.

    had one of those look in the mirror n thought where has all this weight come from moments 

  • MrsC2015MrsC2015 Posts: 97

    Mine 1200 and find it so hard to stick too. Usually its the fat that I go over on. trying so hard to be good

  • ClarabellaClarabella Posts: 2

    Only joined this forum today and so glad I found this thread! 

    Im not getting married until June 2016 but I'm choosing my dress in August, 

    my weight is yo-yo-ing big time and I need motivation to keep at it so I am going to add you all. Hopefully with motivation and encouragement il stick to eating healthy 


    image xxx

  • ClarabellaClarabella Posts: 2

    forgot to say my username is clarabella14 

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