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bingo wings!

Hey everyone! 
So I'm new here, basically I'm getting married on the 19th July and everything is going perfect planning wise except for one thing, and that one thing's how I look! 
I've found my perfect dress and bought it in a size that fits me, but I still don't feel comfortable at the size I am.

I'm a size 14/16 and 5ft 2" so obviously my shortness makes me look bigger than I am anyway, and the one thing I'm most worried about is my flabby arms! I've never been one for exercise and dieting so any recommendations for how to tone up my arms in two months would be much appreciated. Also I'd love to lose at least a stone or find a way to tone my tummy up a bit too if anyone has any ideas! Thanks to you all in advance and can't wait to hear everyones thoughts image xx 


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    by the way this is my dress so obviously lots of arm on show and I don't want to ruin those gorgeous straps! 

  • LeaMarieLeaMarie Posts: 723

    30 Day Shred... will lose you a couple of inches, tone you up and pull in those bingo wings! 

    Your dress is beautiful  image

  • Beautiful dress!

    Unfortunately if you want to see results in two months then you're going to have to put the work in starting now.

    Personally, I'd recommend doing the 30 day shred every morning (I'm pretty sure most people could fit this in before work - it's 30 minutes start to finish and not so intense that you need to eat beforehand).

    And then following it up with more cardio later in the day. It could be walking back from work (if it's walkable), or going for a walk with your fiancé when you get back from work, or even just doing another youtube workout at home in the evenings. Try and alternate days - one with lots of cardio and one with lots of mat work (which is toning stuff). You won't be able to tone up your arms without doing one in conjunction with the other.

    If you are also prepared to make some serious changes to your diet (I never recommend fad diets, but you might want to consider cutting out cheese, alcohol and red meat between now and the wedding) then I am sure you will see quite a significant change between now and then. Good luck!

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    If you are willing to really go for it the Insanity is an amazing workout. I dropped inches so quickly when I did it and it really toned up my arms really well too (and I can do press ups now which I have never ever been able to do in my life!). It is very intense though. Less intense but still amazing for results is T25, 25 mins a day with different workouts to focus on different areas (lower body, upper body, core, cardio etc). Kettlebells are fab for toning arms too. I picked mine up in Aldi really cheap and I found some videos on YouTube to follow

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    Hi,  Im 5'1 and I know that its much harder to hide any weight gain being shorter.  I have put on about 10lb since Christmas basically celebrating birthdays, our engagement and a holiday and quite disappointed in myself!  I get married the week after you and I'm trying to focus.  To make things worse I asked for sleeves to be added to my dress and I'm now being told it cannot be done - annoyed! I have started the 5:2 diet, just to try it although I dont usually do set 'diets'.  I Iike to think I eat fairly heathily most times and for me upping my protein and good fats usually helps personally but of course we are all different.  I do however like a good bottle of wine and meals out so will power gets lowered! I am trying to have a burst of exercise about 5 times a week on an exercise bike/cross trainer but I am also doing press ups and planking which are good for your stomach muscles and also using some weights for my arms.  Its surprisingly how quickly you build up strength but I have so much work to do!  If you dont really want to be doing a lot of exercise you could always check out High Intensity Training but you do have to push yourself, albeit for a much shorter time! 

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