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Lost 1 stone now my dress doesn't fit!

I bought my dress last year and it is a Ronald Joyce size 16. When I first tried it on it fit like a glove it took two people to get me in it as it probably was a bit small for me but I just needed t loose a bit of weight. 

Anyway now it just does up with noe problem but I am nervous about getting it taken in as I dont know how much this will cost and it needs like a foot to be taken up on the material (Chiffon) and possibly the diamante on the dress to be placed in a different area as I am only 5ft 1 so my hips are not in the same place as where the diamante is. 

Anyone else had their dress altered dramatically? How much was it? and how did it look and feel?


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    Dresses can be taken in three dress sizes so you will be fine image It cost £50 for my hem to be taken up but it completely depends on your style of dress.

  • Ok thats good thankyou image feeling a little calmer 

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