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Don't think I can do it in time!!!

Hi all,

I'm feeling SO down right now and really need some advice. I bought my dress when I was significantly lighter than I am now (that's a whole other story). We booked the wedding 2 years ago and i've just been thinking "oh, i have plenty of time". Well, here we are with 77 days to go, and the dress doesn't touch me - I'm talking sides not even waving at each other at the back image I can't afford another dress, so it pretty much HAS to fit for the big day. Short of not eating between now and August 9th, I really don't know what I'm going to do to get into it!!! 

Does anyone have any healthy but quick ways to slim down? I can't afford huge outlays on things like Diet Chef etc, but I really have to do something or I'm going to be rolling naked down the aisle image


  • anon2anon2 Posts: 18

    How about 30 day shred you can get it on you tube level 1 2 3 it's 20 mins a day work out . 

    i have heard brilliant things about it , I am on day 4 and already I can feel the difference . this combined with healthy eating . It does depend on how much you got to lose obviously you wont lose stones of weight . x 


  • MrsMc9814MrsMc9814 Posts: 422

    I'm not too worried about actual weight, its more inches I need rid of!! Just can't believe I've been so laid back for so long about it image 

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    Slim fast? Not great long term but might help you slim down enough for August image xx

  • anon2anon2 Posts: 18

    If you google before / after 30 day shred people say they lost inches rather then weight particularly off back , waist and hips could be worth a shot maybe combined with diet x 

  • MrsTaylorMrsTaylor Posts: 500

    You lose inches with 30 day shred. It is so hard, I won't lie!! But you really can feel it working, you can get it on youtube, like someone has said image

  • JCL1JCL1 Posts: 129

    How about the 5:2 diet? It doesn't cost anything and is pretty easy to stick to x

  • emzlooemzloo Posts: 53

    hey love.. i am starting my body shrink tuesday image i hahve 90 days and get married aug 23rd if you wanna join me. im thinking myfitnesspal calorie counting

  • Kath24Kath24 Posts: 54


    I used Rosemary Conley, you can buy her magazine and she gives you menu of what to eat in the back of the magazine there is also list of classes in the region and it's about £5.50 ish this includes a work out in class I lost pounds and inches and the weight stayed off

    best wishes Kath x

  • Hi, I know a lot of people who have had wonders with the Clean 9, which I am buying on Tuesday - should get it Wednesday morning - eeeek.

    It's a 9 day Aloe Vera cleanse. By Day 3 you get a good weight loss from the cleanse phase - Anywhere between 4- 9 llbs . Days 3-9 you continue with Aloe and natural supplements and also have a shake for breakfast & lunch & a 600 calorie meal. 
    My friend had a total loss of 11lb which has stayed off, since jan !! My ladies have lost 10 - 13lb in the 9 days. No tea, coffee or diet fizzies allowed !! Only water or lemon water. But the best thing is the inches and the energy, if the cleanse is done properly, and obviously everyone is different, but i've known people experience 7+ inches and they feel full of beans. Plus great skin and hair. Let me know if you would like any more info and testimonials, I've got loads - [email protected]

  • JennaldoJennaldo Posts: 74

    Although you're asking for advice on losing weight and things, have you also been in touch with a seamstress?  It might just take some of the pressure off you if you know they could take it out a bit for you?

    We had an issue with some of the bridesmaids dresses and she was able to make a completely new back for one of them and was able to add a few inches onto another one.  You would genuinely never know she had touched them.

    My dress was all tulle and she said she could have done the same for me if she had needed to.  Hopefully you won't need to do this, but it's just a second plan to make sure you are comfortable in the dress xxx

  • CakeybrideCakeybride Posts: 279

    From someone who has lost three stone And gone from a 16 to a 10...

    i would say try herbalife - its not for everyone... But it does work if you stick to it.

    I lost my weight doing weight watchers, herbalife, clean 9 detox and I had a shrinking violet fat wrap (fab by the way!)

    NOW I eat clean and exercise daily... No fad diets anymore... Just unprocessed foods and a treat day... However for quick results I would say herbalife. Eating clean will still get you results but not as quick as you like perhaps


  • With around three months, you might need to combine doing daily exercise, a controlled diet AND getting the dress tweaked. The last thing you want is to make yourself ill with an extreme crash diet and collapsing before the wedding. No dress is worth doing that to yourself.

    I would really recommend doing the thirty day shred - the beginning is not so difficult that you will be injuring yourself by doing it daily.

    I would probably recommend something like:

    MORNING: Do 30 day shred work out video (it's only 30 minutes)

    DAY: Try and walk as much as possible, and eat lots of vegetables and fruit and lean protein (like tuna). Depending on your height, make sure you get enough calories to function or you will feel truly awful. You shouldn't never be eating less than 1000 calories a day, and that's if you're already not very tall.

    EVENING: Do another workout video, but a shorter one. I would recommend doing a blogilates video, which are all free on youtube. You will be targeting different areas, but still getting your heart rate up. Plus it saves you getting bored with 30 day shred.

    Do this 5  days a week, and make sure you take those rest days to recover, else you'll end up getting injured. Also, I know this might be harsh, but don't drink any booze between now and the wedding. They are empty empty calories and so easy to cut out! If you have to drink for some event then go for something like gin and tonic which isn't too calorific.

    Good luck. Stick to it, but don't go mad. If you start off too strong I promise that you will burn out after a couple of weeks - you might not have time to do slow and steady, but you can do quick yet sensible!!

    Good luck!!!

  • I know it's lost inches you're after, but do you have a rough estimate of how much you need to lose?

    Intermittent fasting (of which the 5:2 diet is a form) has been really great for me. You choose to limit your calorie intake for a certain period of time: the 5:2 diet suggests 2 days of eating 500 cals and eating normally the rest of the week. I only eat dinner each day: so I'll eat around 5, stop at 6, and then eat again the next day around the same time. The science behind it is that, obviously your calorie intake is limited (I can't fit 2000 cals into one meal, so end up at about 1200 every day), but also because when you stop eating for a while, your body starts to heal itself and promotes healthy mechanisms which in turn promote weight loss.

    Combined with regular work-outs (I try to do cardio 5x per weeks, 20-45 minutes each time) I'm losing 1-2 kgs per week.

  • CakeybrideCakeybride Posts: 279

    Also worth me saying...

    i used to do cardio every day... But I switched to weights and WOW what a difference in my shape I'm loosing inches instead xx

  • Alex5Alex5 Posts: 290

    I did acti-derm fat wraps, you put the cream on, wrap yourself in these bandages then cling film on top, lay down and chill out for 45 mins, then upwrap and you've lost inches! then it carries on working through the night and the next morning you've lost a few more inches! do this once a week and you will shrink. do it maybe a month before the wedding as i dont think its long term permanent. i'm gonna do it the night before as well to give me that last little smooth out before the big day image x

  • SarahL1408SarahL1408 Posts: 154

    Have you got a gym nearby? I always find classes to be the biggest motivator.

    For carido I would highly recommend spin, it has made a huge difference to me and as someone has mentioned above, weights make a huge difference to shape, so maybe try a body pump class as well? 

    Try and stay calm ... it will all work out.  x

  • excitedmissexcitedmiss Posts: 54

    When I moaned about my weight and H2B told me to eat less and exercise more I wanted to knock him out lol! However, i have discovered it works and it can work quickly if youre willing to work hard...why did I not realise before!!

    I downloaded 'my fitness pal' app and set it to 1200 cals per day. It allows you to scan everything you eat, work out calories in recipes and also works out calories you burn through exercise... this is a motivator in itself! 

    I tried to cut out as much processed food as possible and drink loads of water. Even managed to swap wine for gin and slimline tonic! Cannot do without alcohol with all the organising!

    i agree for toning up the 30 day shred is amazing, as is pilates. You will see inches fall off.

    More recently I have publicly set myself challenges. Signed up for 10k and asked everyone to sponsor me so that I cant back out. At this moment in time I can only run 15 mins max....ive built that up from 3 mins in onky 4 weeks. Hopefully next month ill get to 40 mins and so on..

    It might be too late to join, but through work a team of 7 of us are doing a global challenge where we all have to wear pedometers and work as a team to walk round the world. I will let my team down if I dont exercise.

    Hope this gives you some ideas. I absolutely hate exercise but I love how it makes me feel after. Hoping to lose another 2 stone before my big day xx



  • JUICEPLUS!!! Go on the turbo weight loss plan 8 weeks of 2 shakes a day to replace meals am&s clean eating, no takeaways etc and that dress will fit you! My sister lost 2st11lb in 7 weeks taking juiceplus, so I became a distributor and since then have seen hundreds of people lose weight quickly and healthily I have pictures and reviews if you want me to send you them? What's your email address? Xxx

  • I was just about to reply to this, but then realised it was a month old and had been bumped up by stacey preying on a bride 2 b trying to sell her crap. How annoying

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