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Hi All

I have been doing slimming world since January. I have managed to lose a stone but now I am stuck around the stone. I go each week and have been up and down like a yo yo. My own fault because I havent stuck completely to plan.

But, I have lost all motivation to do it. I know I will be devastated when I will still be the same size come the wedding but I think because i have been hovering round the stone I feel like its not working.

Anyone else felt like this/


  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 659 New bride

    Hi mrsnearlyb. I'm currently doing slimming world, not for my wedding but I'm bridesmaid for my brother in law and his fiancé at the end of August. I started 4 weeks ago so I'm still quite motivated but I know how easy it to lose (Motivation that is, not weight!)

    when do you get married?

    maybe try set yourself small goals like you want 5lbs off by the end of July? Also do you eat a lot of the same food every week? You could try plan new recipes once a week. 

    I know they say don't save your syns but currently I try to have no more than 4 a day then one night I have a bit of a blow out. Like this week I went out with my husband and had a big fat burger and chips, wine and chocolate. I tell myself during the week that it's not that I can't eat certain foods I just have to wait for my night off. It's working so far and have lost 2lbs every week and I'm just 13lbs away from having a healthy BMI now which is my first goal.  

    hope that helps, x

  • MrsNearlyBMrsNearlyB Posts: 41

    Hi polly


    The wedding is February and I think I put too much pressure on myself! 


    I think you're right about the small goals. 5lb off by end of July! Wish me luck! 


    I do eat the same things over and over so maybe my body is telling me something! 

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Hi nearlymrsb! 

    definitely try and mix the meals up a bit- it's natural to lose motivation and get bored when you're eating the same things over and over again. If you didn't exercise before maybe join a class, Zumba is fun and doesn't even feel like exercise. Also drink loads of water, sometimes if u hit a plateau, something as simple as upping your water intake and boost your metabolism a bit image and keep that dress in mind, have your mind set on the big day. Xx

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Oops I meant MrsnearlyB! 

  • Hi everyone,

    I started in February and have lost 2 stone 11 pounds but like yourself the last month, I lose 1/2 pound one week then the next week I gain that, then lose it. I am too finding it really difficult. 

    I really want another stone off by my wedding, but with it only being 2 months away I don't feel that is realistic anymore.

    Last week I had a good week, but are lots of snacks yesterday. And this weekend will make me go completely off track as it's my birthday and I'm out for a meal and have cake.  

    So advice to get back on track would be great.

  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 659 New bride

    How's it going? Have you managed to kick start the diet again? My weigh in today and hoping for at least a 1lb off. x

  • MrsM2015MrsM2015 Posts: 4

    Hi there, I started slimming world last week and had my weigh in today minus 2 and a half off, woo woo!!, still got a lot to lose, we get married next August so hopefully given myself plenty of time to shift it. I agree with the others here, give yourself little goals, but treat yourself too. x


  • I feel exactly the same, been doing slimming world since Marchish and I've only lost 7lbs, I've been up and down like a yoyo, pretending like I've stuck to plan and totally not at all. I've got a thyroid problem so I'm kidding myself that until that is sorted I'm battling against it, I've not even tried on a dress yet, wedding is next September. and I wanted to loose weight before I went to try on but I don't think its realistic, do you think that seeing myself in the dress will give me a boost? x

  • MrsNearlyBMrsNearlyB Posts: 41

    Hey sorry hadnt been on so not seen your post. trying dresses on really gave me a boost and the stone i have lost meant that the dress i ordered in the end was 2 sizes smaller to when I tried it on and got measured in Feb so the stone has worked. im still maintaining!! so i am still only a stone lighter. 

    i am being pushed by a friend into trying a circuit class - not my style at all but feeling that i need to do something?

    I have lost all confidence! I think its since starting SS - i seem to be more aware of body shape etc since i started and seem to be very low now :0( not what i need!

  • Hi all,

    I went slimming world last year in October time and lost over a stone. But now I've put it back on with the contentment of being engaged. Planned wedding date is 23rd Aug 2015... when do you think I should get back to SW groups? My motivation currently is 0. I wake up every morning and prepare to eat good doesnt happen.


    A treat hasnt become a treat anymore but I have no will power. Please help?!


    L x

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    I habe been on a diet for all of my life I swear! I neber saw results, so my motivation went and so did the diet.

    I joined slimming world 3 weeks ago and have lost 6lb- hoping for my  half a stone award this week. Because I am seeing the results it is keeping me motivated And h2b is really supporting me. 

    My advice is stay to group, even if you gain. The support is great and it gives you an incentive to do good (I didn't want it to be announced that I didn't lose anything in week 1 so really went for it and lost 3lbs) 

    I would like to lose a stone so hope I can stay this motivated. We also don't a no biscuit challenge at work for 4 weeks (which haa now carried on to 6 weeks) and the whole office has lost weight doing it. I now also don't buy a packet of crisps every lunch time and think that too has made a difference. 

    I have have myself plenty of time to get to goal- don't leave it last minute or you will start stressing- start now. 

    So come on, you can do it!! Rejoin a class image 

  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 659 New bride

    well I've now been doing slimming world for 8 weeks and lost 14.5lbs! Only 6.5lbs from a Healthy BMI and 20.5lbs from my goal. I have found trying clothes on a real incentive, finding that I can now fit in clothes that I couldn't before. I also took underwear pictures of when I started and keep taking them, already the difference is massive. I have both short term goals and long term goals. Short term is i'm a bridesmaid 4 weeks on Saturday and want to be a healthy BMI by then, long term is to be at target for Christmas. Everytime I feel like I want to eat badly I just think how will I feel at Christmas if I'm not at goal or worse if I put the weight I've lost back on. Everytime you reach for something bad just think how you want to feel in your wedding dress. Good luck everyone x



  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    Well done Polly27!  my next weigh in is tonight, really want that half a stone reward lol 

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