Need a kick up the ass

Gave ourselves 2 years from booking our wedding to the big day, plenty of time to lose weight but of course I didnt do it, now we are 7 months away & lately I've been doing great past 2 months but now I don't know what it is but I just want to eat & eat, I know I shouldn't but I cant help it, I ordered my dress only 1 size smaller to the size I tried on it was due to arrive September but it arrived even earlier which totally ruined it as the plan was it'd arrive September & it would fit, obv it came & it didn't fit so that was a bummer, I then lost another 12lbs & 15 inches & tried it on & I got it fully on & zipped a bit but not all the way so I know I'm not that far away, if it was to be made into a lace up back it would fit but I don't want that.

Past few weeks I haven't been as commited as I have been or even would like, I know what I should be doing but I dont seem to be doing it, anyone else get stuck or hit a blip, what did you do?


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    Keep going!!! If you've already lost 12lbs you must keep it up you're doing great!

    the end goal is to fit into your dress, you don't want to spend money having it altered, so diet and exercise for a wee bit longer, it will all be worth it image

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    Thanks, oh I know & I know its there & want to look nice but oh hopefully can swing back into it


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    Make a plan that is achievable and stick to it. Do meal plans and shop around those meal plans - if you don't have any bad food in the house then you can't eat it! And come up with an exercise regime that fits in with the rest of your life - and if you achieve it - small rewards - things like a new top for your honeymoon or getting your nails done.

    In the weeks before our wedding I had lunches and dinners all planned out, always took lunch to work with me (and no cash to buy crisps, sweets etc.) and started early morning exercise classes because I needed evenings to do wedding stuff. It made a really big difference xx

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  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    Thanks Ladies, i go to the ladies only workout place Curves so its really just my mind that needs a good talking to, ill need to prepare lunches the night before, having a salad & cous cous type lunch soon at work so hopefully today will see it start afresh 

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