I want to lose weight for my October 2015 wedding!

I'm getting married on the 5th October 2015, I know it's a long way off but I really want to lose a stone for it but my fiancé keeps telling me it will be impossible!

I weigh 9 stone 8 and am 5 ft 5 so he said it will be really really hard for me to lose any weight where I'm not overweight. Although I don't weigh loads I am not comfortable in the way I look particularly because I'm not very tall. Even if I could just tone up and get to 9 stone that would be excellent. Does anybody have any tips who have been in a similar situation? I feel slim fast, slimming world etc only really works if you have a lot of weight to lose. 


  • Get onto MyFitnessPal so you can log what you are eating and it will tell you if you're having too many carbs or protein to achieve your goal.

    It's a really helpful app and it also has a barcode scanner if you eat anything pre-prepared like a ready meal or supermarket sandwich etc x

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    I do have that downloaded but never seem to use it, I will try from now on! Thank you x 

  • Try and stick with it, I find the more you use it the more you become addicted to it! not too disimilar to that reliance on Facebook really haha! Also if you haven't tried 30 Day Shred before I'd definitely recomend that as far as toning up goes x 

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    Do it!! I lost two stone on my fitness pal in about a year. 10 mobths to our wedding and I'm hoping to lose about another stone!xx

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    Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort and you have to be patient, because weight loss is not easy and you have to follow the diet
    You have a lot of drinking water.
    You cook vegetables in water without any additives
    Do not eat dinner a lot because the main reason for weight gain
    Eating a small amount of breakfast
    Stay away from fatty diets
    If you want my advice, and in order to shorten the time visit  that awesome produuct http://tinyurl.com/o5mx3f5

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    Have you've tried the 5-2 diet?  I've found it much easier to stick to a diet where I only have to do it 2 times a week.

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    Hey Sophia, congrats on you big day!

    You should try Isagenix ! come down to our wellness Wednesday in Fremantle or launch parties at mine, you will be able to meet people with amazing weight loss stories and more =] or if you cant make it just message me and ill fill you in!

    Add me on Facebook and ill send you all the details! 

    Best of luck, hope to hear from you soon!

    Yindi xx

  • Hi Sophia, I'd say what will really help you is to tone up. You won't find that you lose much weight this way, because you should lose fat and gain muscle. You won't see much difference in the scales but you'll notice a big change in your body shape. I would be a similar height/weight to you and found going to some fitness classes (especially interval training type ones) as well as just being more aware of what I was eating and my portion sizes has made a big difference to me. 

    You should keep an eye on your diet too of course, be honest with yourself about what you eat and drink, what you can cut down or cut out. And of course up your water - although this is where I really fall down as I love my tea! 


    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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