Weight loss buddy

Hi, does anyone fancy being my weight loss buddy? I need someone to help keep me motivated (and I will of course return the favour!). We can share what works, tips and advice.

I have 3.5st to lose before the big day, so 49lb. I have just under a year (big day is 25th July 2015!) so I figured that works out as roughly a lb a week from now on, which is supposed to be safe and likely to stay off!

I am planning on logging my calories with My Fitness Pal, my username is freckles88 if you fancy adding me as a friend.

who's with me?? image


  • I will!

    I need motivation image I'll add you x

  • mrsb24mrsb24 Posts: 86

    Fabulous! image 

    I tend to weigh myself on a Sunday so I'm planning on reporting my weight loss for that week on here to keep me accountable and make me stick with it!

    Anyone else?? image

  • mrsb24mrsb24 Posts: 86

    Oooh I've just had a look at your bio (I'm nosy!) and you're getting married on my birthday! You picked a great date!image

  • haha good I hope soimage

    I'll start tomorrow....I have already eaten 2 finger rolls, a cupcake, half a watermelon and a punnet of cherries today and it is only 12.30....this DOES NOT bode well!!!!!!!



  • ok...maybe Im being stupid...how do  you "add" a buddy?!


    Im goldenrevolution on there...

  • SheandHimSheandHim Posts: 379

    Sigh, I would but I always forget to update it. 

  • KH2BKH2B Posts: 1,216

    You need to go on the website, then search for people, if you have their username just type that in the search and then friend request.

  • d'oh!! Thank you image 

  • KH2BKH2B Posts: 1,216

    No problem image Took me ages to figure it out the should make it so you are able to do it on the app 

  • mrsb24mrsb24 Posts: 86

    Thanks girls! xx

  • Right. I'm there. I'm on..and I'm going to start tomorrow...I feel I will need tonight to work it all out! 




  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    What a great idea, I want to lose about 4 stone & only have just under 7 months to do it, at the stage where i know it needs done but struggling, & then beat myself up because I have so much to do but then have chocolate lol

  • mrsb24mrsb24 Posts: 86

    I feel you! I do exactly the same! Come and join us, do you have MFP? X

  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    It's obv too early in the morning as I had to google what mfp was lol, i had it then deleted it but think I'll download it again image 

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