Hi Ladies,

I got married on the 17 Feb 2013 and when I look back on the photos I hate the way I looked in my dress and on my honeymoon, so I made a promise to my self that I would do everything I could do not to feel the same on 17 Feb 2018 when I renew my vows.

So I am rubbish at exercise and diets, but a friend of mine was doing a weight loss programme and had amazing results and she was always telling me how amazing she was feeling and how much energy she hadimageimage

So after watching my friends results over the month I was sold she had managed to lose 2 stone in 5 months and was glowing, so I asked to speak to her wellness coach to help me put a plan in place, from the first meeting I had the most amazing FREE wellness evaluation that showed me how much imageBody Fat% imageMuscle Mass imageBone Density image Metabolic Age imageWater Retention imageVisceral Fat imagePlus Much More, I was blown away by the results and was totally driven to work hard, I then found out about the FREE Fit Camp that they run 4 times a week which meant I had the support of the wellness coaches to get fit as well.

Fast forward 8 months, I have had the most amazing support and my plan is always being tailored to suit my goals, I have now managed to lose 2 and half stone and feel amazing.

I have now become a wellness coach myself and have an amazing team of people that I am are working with to help them hit their goals.

We help people work towards there goals of

imageLose weight

imageGain weight

imageMaintain weight

imageGain Muscle

And for all of you that are worried I don't eat, I really do, I replace 2 meals a day and then eat up to 4x a day.

So If anyone is out there worried about how they are going to feel in their wedding dress or you have a bridesmaid that is worried why not get in contact for some FREE advice and some more info on the programme, I would love to help cause I don't want anyone to feel the way I do when I look back on the wedding pictures.




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