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Help me lose weight!!! - James Duncan Diet

Hi fellow brides!!! Is anyone else out there trying to lose weight for their big day? image 

Last year I started at 16 Stone (I am 5 foot 7).  I am now at 12 Stone 13 pounds.  I started the James Duncan diet yesterday, I am getting married at the start of December and need to get the weight off..ahhhh. Just want to feel happy, healthy and confident on my big day!

Thought if any other brides where in the same boat chatting about our progress might help!

Day 1  of the diet was fine but the eggs for dinner were pretty gross to be honest and I didn't have the grapefruit - just couldn't face it.  Did half an hour on my exercise bike.  I weighed myself on the wii this morning (Day 2) and it said my weight had decreased but not even a pound off- disappointing.  Anyway Day 2 so good so far. Looking forward to my steak tonight I will let you know how I get on at my wii weigh in tomorrow morning image



  • I started a "diet" and exercise last week, my starting was around 20st and when i weighed myself on tuesday i was 19st 10lb so thought about 4/5lbs in the 1st week.. although there was a problem with the scales so im thinking now 2/3lbs lol.. 

    Not been very good though this last 3 days.. really slacked off with my exercise so deffo need to get back on it this morning.

    I dont have a goal either, not particularly bothered about dress size or weight, im just going to do it until i loose my bum and some other flab lol.

    Well done on what you've lost so far! Hope i can do as well as you!

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Aw thanks so much for replying. 2/3 lbs off is fab...well done! I don't really go by dress sizes either as I am really busty so even when I was skinny I never went below a 12/14! :-S Aw well- healthy is the main goal! 

    I find the exercise really hard to stick to but my wee exercise bike seems to be working for me these past few days.  I stick a programme on and just go for half an hour - did it to the bake off one night!! I DO NOT recommend doing this lol!

    I weighed myself on my wii this morning (Day 3) 3lbs off! very very pleased image now I'm 12 Stone 10 Pound! Good encouragement to keep going.

    I hate grapefruit but I bought the juice instead and I just drink it holding my nose! lol

    Keep me up to date with how you get on!  It's Friday so I am going to have to use every inch of will power I have to keep to this super strict diet!! 

  • I would recommend a flexible diet approach, because ideally you don't want to let all the effort go after the wedding. Flexible diet approach allows you to make sure you eat 80%-90% good and a little of treat. the best possible results I could ever achieved! also, you can just start exercising 10minute, there are plenty of good workouts out there. I can share with you the ones I used. 

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Definitely need a little treat every now and again! I enjoy my food too much! image This is just to give me a kick start again as I had plateaued.  After the 7 days I'll be going back to my normal healthy eating plan! 


    What type of exercise do you do Veera? 

  • I am literally just starting my diet. I am a size 16 thanks to some medication I have to take for a poorly kidney. Before the meds I was a very happy size 10 and I am desperate to try and get back to that somehow. Or at least close, lol. 

    I think maybe having someone else who is dieting to compare progress with would be really helpful. 

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Yay Elyen so glad you'll be dieting along with me! We can do it!! image  That is so hard for you I am sure that it is down to medication and not because of your frustrating! My weight gain was purely down to one to many pizzas, takeaways, crisps, chocolate the list goes on! lol image 


    What diet are you going for?

  • I wish I knew, lol. I have been trying to cut down on bad foods etc but when my other half comes home with a burger from Uncle Sams down the road, it is soooo hard to resist. 

    Thankfully I have convinced him that we could both be a little more aware of what we eat. I am really really aware of how big I am and feel so lousy about it.

    I think my biggest problem though is coke. I drink far too much of it. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I don't do drugs, I don't eat chocolate - but I simply can't stop drinking coke. 

  • Hi Jen, sounds like you've done amazing in the last year already! I just wanted to say beware of drinking grapefruit juice instead of eating the whole fruit. If you don't like it try and replace it or just don't have it. Often juices are full of extra sugars that you don't get from eating the fruit whole. It's such a con, we're made to believe that fruit juice is good for us but in actual fact 'diet wise' its just as bad as coke! Good luck and keep up the good work, 3lb in 2 days is great!!! xxx

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Elyen I was a diet coke fanatic...but have give it up completely now! So you can definitely do it! It was really hard not going to lie but so worth it! (When I say completely I still have a sneaky diet coke if I go to the cinema, but I'm only human lol.)  

     My other half is desperate he is very supportive of me losing weight but won't go as far as joining in on the diet with me and to be honest he doesn't need to he seems to be one of this really annoying people that can eat what they want and not put any weight on!! if only!

    Don't get down on yourself, I am sure your other half loves how you look so don't worry about how you feel now just think how you will feel after your new eating plan! 

    p.s i don't drink, do drugs or smoke either image 

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    CDF2014 thanks so much! Good point actually I'll go home and have a good look at the ingredients don't want to be putting on weight drinking the juice I don't even like!! xx


  • Jen my fiance is one of those people! He eats whatever he wants and doesnt put a pound on image

    I havent changed my foods ive just cut down on my portion sizes which where my biggest problem i think, im also buying lower calorie versions of the same thing like crisps for example.. before i would eat like 3 packs in one go but now i'll eat only one and a lower calorie version.. also milk was a biiiig problem i was addicted to it, i would drink one 4 pinter a day, now im only having milk with my cereal on a morning

  • I am trying to be really strict with myself, I've asked Tom not to buy the big bottles of Coke any more because I was just drinking the whole bottle in the course of the day. He is now only allowed to get me one of the small bottles and I make that last all day instead. It is a huge difference and will hopefully make a difference to me.

    The only bad thing of not getting the big bottles any more is that I used to turn them into mini greenhouses for seedlings when I'd finished them, lol. Ah well, will just have to re-use the ones I already have.  

    I did try drinking juice for a while but was completely astonished one day when I glanced at the calories, and it was only 1 less than the Coke!!! 

  • Buy 2litre bottles of water Elyen, still getting your planters then image

  • Unfortunately I don't drink Water. Of any kind, tap or bottled or with squash. For some unknown reason it makes me feel queasy. It is always a huge problem when I have to go into hospital when my kidney plays up because they don't really like you drinking much else. 


    But hey, on the positive, I have started my diet book today. Calorie counting here I go. I WILL lose that extra weight. 

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Hey all image on my last day - day 7 of the James Duncan diet.  Only lost 4 pound to date obviously due to the fact that I have not stuck to it really strictly I haven't been unhealthy at all just not stuck to it as I can't stomach eating some of the things.  Still 4 pound is 4 pound feels great to be 12 Stone 9 pound! Will weigh myself tomorrow morning to let you know the final result though! 

    Lots of wedding planning happening over the weekend and actually paid off my wedding ring this morning! It is all feeling real now! So soon! In a slight panic about losing enough weight before the wedding but sure all I can do is try! 


    Danielle13 and Elyen how you both getting on today? xx


  • Hey Jen image

    Well done on your 4lb thats great! Ive been really naughty the last few days image my eating is practically back to normal and exercise is non-existent.. Although i have lost another 3lb somewhere somehow lol.

    We go and see our possible reception venue on saturday but ive got a funny feeling its not going to go to plan.. the last place we wanted wouldnt let us take our own food so it was a big no no, we are hoping this place does otherwise we are going to be abit stuffed for another venue because we are on such a tight budget.. *sigh* 

    Weddings ehh lol


  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    I am still just 4 pounds down guess you really need to stick strictly to it for it to work! lol image

    Love it Danielle13! 3lb yay! Fingers crossed the venue works out! Weddings are soo expensive! We are in the process of buying a house at the same time so we are skint!!! and I am very stressed at the minute too.  I am trying to stay calm cos it's sort of starting to take the fun out of everything as I am just so worried about everything. Started my wedding list last night which was lots of fun.  Although I do fantasise now and again about just eloping and forgetting all the stress.  

    Just having one of those freak out days - tomorrow will be a better day fingers crossed.

    p.s. did an hour on my bike last night (not that it made a difference clearly lol) 

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Hi all, another pound down today so 12'8 as long as the numbers keep going down I'm happy image  people have been commenting that I've lost so much weight which is great.  

    on a side note is anyone else feeling stressed! Please give me reassurance that it is all worth it.  I feel very stressed, everything and EVERYONE is annoying me with their questions and requests.  It is bliss when me and my fiancé are planning away but when everyone else chimes in I could scream...too may opinions! 

    I feel a tub of Pringles would really help me at this point image 

  • Haha mmm pringles.. 

    IT IS ALL WORTH IT! Lol, I go through stressed out phases, im currently in a calm phase, but still abit worried about saturday.. if that doesnt go to plan i'll be well and truly back in a stressed out phase! Lol

    I still havent started up my exercise again yet but ive barely eaten a thing these last couple of days image I dont know what is wrong with me, i just cant seem to stick a diet/exercise for love nor money..

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Thanks Danielle! image How did the venue go? I was at mine on Sunday went for a nice dinner with my fiancés family so that was nice and relaxing.  

    Haven't weighed myself today but will do tomorrow so I'll let you know. I would say I'll have just stayed the same cause I went out for dinner but sure it can't be helped still have to have a social life! 

    My new crisis is getting a cover up for my bridesmaids can't get anything in the colour I want.  I also want to get mine and their jewellery ticked off my list this week too!


  • The venue was a nightmare, the date was already fully booked.. gutted coz we got a glimpse of the room and it looked really nice too image Spent the last 2 days trawling the internet and running around trying to find somewhere that looks just as nice and we've emailed a few golf clubs so we'll see what happens!

    My eating is still not back on track! Although ive been too preoccupied for the last couple of days to care lol

  • By cover up do u mean Shawls or boleros kinda thing?

    What is your colour scheme.. not really even mentioned our actual weddings and what we are having have we? lol

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Aww Danielle raging for you! You'll get somewhere even better though it obviously wasn't meant to be! I know it is soo hard to stick with the diet when its stressful! Yep pashmina/shawls.  Their  dresses are dessy in hunter green I seem to be able to find every other shade of green apart from the colour I need! ahhh

    Have you decided on colours yet? Our reception is in a converted old mill with open fires, beams etc. Where are you living? If you're Northern Ireland too you could have a look at my venue to see if it would suit?

  • Aw im sure you'll find some somewhere have you thought about having white/cream shawls?

    Yeah our colour scheme is cadbury purple and lilac and our theme is butterflies image had the colour scheme decided for months!

    Im in West Yorkshire in England, quite a way from Ireland lol


  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    I think cause it's such a rich colour the cream might take away from the look of the dress! but sure as you say I'll get something sorted! image Loving your butterfly theme, will be beautiful!

    Yep your just a bit too far for our venue then lol.

    Have you got your dress sorted yet?   

  • Yeah thats true.. 

    We booked a venue today! Its a nice little Golf Club so feel a whole lot lighter now knowing thats sorted image

    Im buying my dress online but i keep changing my mind, i think i find one i want then see another haha there is just too much choice i think lol

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    Ahhh yayyy!! so happy for you I'm sure you feel so relieved!!

    Weighed myself this morning and I am 12 stone 7 pound now! Officially 3 and half stone down! yay! It is coming off really slowly now but sure slowly is better than it not coming off at all!

    We have both been successful on the wedding front as I ordered hunter green silk material for my bridesmaids from amazon! hopefully this can be made into a shawl type thing! I'm very hopeful and it was not expensive at all - always a bonus image !



  • Aw well done hun thats great! image

    Great news about the fabric aswell! Im currently up to my eyeballs in sticky gems haha, im blinging up my bridesmaids personalised hangers and fastening ribbon onto the bridesmaids wicker hearts aswell lol




     Thats my moh heart, the other 4 will have purple bows instead of flowers.

  • Jen20Jen20 Posts: 18

    I love your hangers and what an awesome idea instead of flowers! Love it! 

    I got my wee flower girls outfit today and bought 4 big ivory umbrellas just in case! Feels great to be ticking things off my to do list! image 

    PS I ate a slice of Oreo chocolate cake yesterday - it was a friends birthday in work!!! oops lol.  I exercised but nevertheless when I weighed myself this morning I had gained that pound back! Disaster  

  • Ive never wanted flowers for my bridesmaids.. ive always wanted something different, i went through tons of ideas from a single rose to pinwheels to lanterns before i finally settled on wicker hearts lol. I finished them all off today and finished off my bouquet and flowergirls posy so thats a couple less things on my list! image

    It wont be long though before im getting itchy fingers and wanting to do something else! Lol

    Whoops! Thats not good.. im sure you'll work it off again image

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