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Weight loss naturally in 9 days

Hi Everyone,


I am sure everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. So I would like to introduce you to Forever Aloe Vera 9 day cleanse. I used the cleanse and lost 10lbs in 5 days.

The cleanse gets rids of fat and toxin in your body. With dieting we tend to loose the fat which is normally defending our body from toxin, when we do our diets we end up burning the fat so toxins are released all over our body, so we dont rid ourselves of the toxin, Which then offset other issues in our body  and we end up putting more weight  later on than we initially started off with.

With the 9 day cleanse, its is suitable for vegetarians as well by the way. But with the 9 day cleanse you burn the fat and toxins, but you need to make healthier choices afterwards like eat lots of fruits, vegetables etc. There is no point doing the cleanse if you go back to bad habit.

The cleanse is a kick start to you managing your weight. you can email me on [email protected]  if you are interested.

If you would like to see results of the cleanse then I can show you a lot of review, you just need to ask or alternatigvely give me your facebook ID and i'll add you to our 9 day cleanse page where ppl are talking about how it's going for them, what are they feeling, how easy/hard they are finding the cleanse. You can ask questions and have them answered before making your mind up on buying anything. Good luck in what ever you decide image



  • Hi Sal,

    I would have to disagree with you sal. I have tried it myself before recommending it to others and it has worked for me as well as many others. I dont know what products you tried, what results you had,  so i cant comment.

    If you would like to see and talk to other people who are currently trying it,  you are more than welcome. just add me on to your facebook page, my email ID [email protected] and see for yourself.

    I rather you talk to people who are currently doing the programme and seeing results. You dont have to buy the product but you can have your questions answered on the page. Try it, you have nothing to loose.






  • Give a holler if you or another beautiful bride you know would like online counseling/ goal planning/ meal planning for weight loss with a fun, understanding dietitian.  $55 pays for e-ve-ry-thing, not a penny more.

    This here is my website  

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