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Bad idea to start a New Diet just before Christmas?? HELP***

Hi Ladies.

My worst "brides-mare" has come true and I cant help but panic!! Just came from a little vacation with all my bridesmaid and now I have gained a whooping 7lbs! Guess what.. My dress is a bit tight around the stomach area.image

Now my dear sister (maid-of-honor) has suggested this new diet called "The Self-Confidence Diet"... The diet sounds perfect because I know liquid diets always work for me. The problem is now, Christmas is coming around and I have a sweet-tooth! I am worried that temptation will get the better of me. My wedding is on new year's eve so I need to lose weight fast!

Is this possible???? 


  • Hello Ladiesimage *Quick Update* I went on the self-confidence diet anyway. The author of this book is so down-to-earth and real, she's made it easier for me. It's funny how I was worried about my sweet-tooth and yet the diet is all about "sweetness"(too much of it if u ask me). 

    I'm 1 week into the diet and have lost...... wait for it....... SEVEN POUNDS!!!! And let me just say now I  know why it's called the "Self-Confidence diet" because my confidence is at an all time HIGH!!image Just what I needed before my wedding. 


  • Sorry that you think I'm spammy Sal 3. I was under the impression that this is where brides share their weight loss journey.  Sorry again

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