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Stay away from fad diets!

Stay away from fad diets!

You may have overindulged over the festive season, and think that come 1st January you can start a new diet that means you eat 500 calories a day, or only shakes, or just cabbage soup...DON'T!

These drastic diets promise that you will lose 7lb in 7 days...and you might lose that much WEIGHT - but this is going to be mostly water and muscle, not fat.

Muscle and fat are looked after by the body in very different ways. Fat does not need a lot of energy to maintain, whilst muscle needs lots of energy to maintain. So when you do not eat enough, your body will start breaking down muscle because it is costing too much energy. 

This means that your metabolism will have lowered - your body needs less calories just to survive.

So when you stop the diet and start eating normally again, you will not need as many calories as it did before, so this excess food will be stored as fat.

This is why most people lose lots of weight when they are on a fad diet, and then end up putting it all back on, and more!

When you also eat more than the body needs, it stores this excess energy as glycogen in the liver and muscles - and this is stored with 3 parts water. So when you deprive your body of essential energy because you are not eating enough, it will turn to glycogen for much needed energy - and once the body uses the glycogen, the water will be gone too - hence losing "water weight".

So DO NOT do anything drastic - eat good, whole foods full of vitamins and minerals, fibre, complex carbohydrates, lean protein and good fats - you will lose weight without feeling hungry, cranky, and tired! Your skin will also thank you too!


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