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Rosemary Conley Classes

I am thinking about joining the Rosemary Conley classes to lose 1.5 stone before I go shopping for dresses and wondered if anyone else is using them and how successful have you been?

I also need some motivational help so maybe we could post out weekly weight loss on this thread?!

Sarah-Jane xxx


  • jojo1651jojo1651 Posts: 989

    i'm on my 2 week and have lost 8lb's so far i think they are fab.

    last year lost 3 stone in 6 months, then had another baby aftre all my hard work!! diet is easy once you get used to it. same price as ww and slimming world, yet you get an exercise class too, why pay more???

    HTH x x ;\)
  • sarah_j_egansarah_j_egan Posts: 585
    Well done on the weight loss! I think I will definately give it a go. We should keep eachother posted on our progress each week. I will start this Monday but I am going to try and eat healthy before then image

    Sarah-Jane xxx
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