Does anyone use Fitbit?

Hi All

I'm just wondering if anyone uses Fitbit and wants to be friends?

I've always used MFP and it's great but after looking into getting some better scales I stumbled across Fitbit, bought the Aria scales which arrived this morning and ever since I've been obsessed with the Fitbit dashboard, how many calories I've burnt, my body fat % etc and love that it syncs with MFP too for food diary and calorie intake.

Looking forward to using it more going forward to keep me on track! It's encouraging me to add friends but none of mine use Fitbit so I'm wondering if any of you guys do and would like to be weight loss/fitness buddies?



  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101

    I have a flex and have to say I get quite obsessed by it,  My OH often finds me walking about the house to try beat my goal for the day. 

    I am thinking of getting the Aria at some point as well. 

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Yes I have the fitbit flex and love it.  I'll inbox you my email address so you can add me we can challenge eachother lol. I haven't heard of aria scales 

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    It's not letting me inbox you for some reason x

  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101
    Link to my fitbit profile if you want to add me -                                   //
  • Ooh sorry girls I missed these replies, Cara I just added you and Beth my profile is // if you want to add me! I only have the scales at the moment as I'm on the waiting list for the new charge HR - I figured as its the new one out and I don't yet have one I may as well wait for that but now I'm getting edgy, I really want to crack on and start counting steps haha how lame is that! X

  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101

    Hi fellow fitbitters.

    How are we all getting on? I haven't walked much or done a lot of exercise for nearly two weeks as I have been absolutely floored with a nasty flu bug which was doing the rounds at work and I still don't feel 100%. 


  • Hi Cara

    Oh no! Are you starting to feel better yet?

    I loved the scales so much I bought myself a Flex and also bought one for my mum too who wants to lose some weight ahead of the wedding. They're just so good for awareness of how much you do or don't do! For me it's made me realise in my day-to-day life I don't walk all that much so I'm putting in more effort now and started running too. It feels great when you hit your step count!

    I've nearly lost 5 stones in total now and not far left to go until my target (and wedding!)


  • I use fitbit on my phone.  I'll see if I can connect with you.


    I have logged in online (normally do it from my phone). My profile is //

  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101

    Hi all, How are we all getting on? Still haven't been feeling great so not done much this week as the fit bit will show.

    Determined to get back to it as of the weekend regardless of whether I feel upto it or not as I am really feeling not doing much exercise. We are also extremely busy at work and have been offered OT which is great and helping immensely with the wedding fund saving but not so good with fitting in exercise, So I need to sit down and plan when I want to exercise, when I will work and when I will fit everything else in such as housework.

  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101

    Hi fellow fitbitters! 

    How are you all getting on this week? 

    I haven't made the gym this week, but have tried to keep walking, some days have been better than others. Last couple of days have been manic at work and I have been running around non stop so absolutely shattered when I get home. 

    I have also got around to planning my week which looks something like this:

    Week 1 - Mon, Weds and every second Fri  - Gym 

    Tues, Thursday and Saturday - OT 

    Week 2 - Mon, Weds, Sat - Gym 

    Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat - OT 

    I am hoping to start this as of Monday so wish me luck! 

  • I have to be honest and say I've not heard of it! What is it? x

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    I don't use fitbit but I do use an app/website that links to it and rewards me for my exercise. It's called Bounts ( You connect it to your Fitbit account (or RunKeeper/MapMyRun/Nike+ etc) and you get points for your exercise. Those points can then be turned into vouchers for loads of different places image

    If you use "samphire569" you'll get a bonus 100 points (so will Iimage ). Hope this is useful for those who do and a motivation for anyone who is like me and needs it haha

  • Hi guys, my fitbit just turned up today. How do you add people? Would love to add you guys image

  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101
    Mrswalford2be wrote (see)

    Hi guys, my fitbit just turned up today. How do you add people? Would love to add you guys image link to my profile... 

  • Hi MrsWalford2be, my profile link is // image I'm not doing a good job of my steps today though, oops!


  • Thanks image I've added. Names Jesika image 

  • Hi everyone!

    my Fitbit flex arrived last night so today is my first proper day of using it. Loving it so far!

    feel free to add me, I will probaby need th motivation at times! Hahahah!


     ashleigh xxx

  • Hi Ashleigh

    I just added you image mine has been without battery for a few days this week as I lost the charger but been shopping today so stand a chance at getting up to 10,000 steps!


  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101

    Hi Ashleigh, 

    I have just added you as well. 

  • I have a Fitbit ONE and I LOVE it! So addicted to steps now! Everyone should have one!!!

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