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Rosemary Conley

Anyone do this diet? My friend is on it and seems to be doing well, but i'm a bit confused. I know you can eat anything that's less than 5g of fat per 100g, but is that saturated fat, or total fats?? And if you do do this diet, do you find it easy/hard, restrictive etc.....any thoughts would be greatly received!!!

Lottie x

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  • echeshireecheshire Posts: 404
    Hi MauritiusBride,

    I have done this diet in the past and found it to be very effective. However I'm not good at sticking to diets long term so it didn't last long. I think as far as diets go, it has the best principles. Less than 5% fat and calorie counted seems the most sensible idea to me. I think it's just total fats - not sure about saturated fat at all, it confuses me! If you have a large appetite, it may be difficult to stick to at first as the portions are obviously much smaller but your body soon adjusts. I wouldn't say it's restrictive, there are always plenty of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give it a go, it's definitely a healthy diet to follow, not like some of the other faddy ones out there!

    Hope this helps

    Em x
  • vixsmilesvixsmiles Posts: 209
    I am doing this and it works and it is really effective.

    It go to the classes and started on the kick start which in the first week I lost 5.5 lb and the second I lost 2.5lbs. the class was really friendly and also you get an aerobic class in there aswell.

    This is defianely a bonus as it concerntrates on exercise and diet!!! I find it so simple to do and no faddy foods just healthy eating and exercise. I have struggled this week becasue I was ill but on average I lost 1- 2 lbs a week the group is friendly and becasue you do work out there to you get to know your group really well and laugh at each other.

    I think the portion sizes are fine but it is simple healthy eatign filling up with veg carbs are not banned (thank the lord) and you don;t add any fat to anything you cook.

    I have tried so many diets but this is the one for me, I think it is a personal thing. also as a gold member (I pay monthly) I get my second exercise class for free in July and August!
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