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Weight loss for that perfect fitting dress

Hey ladies! I am getting married this of October and have been searching for my dream dress but everyone I tried on didn't fit how I wanted it too and I knew deep down that in order o find my perfect dress I needed to lose a few pounds and inches, and I needed to do it quick in order to find my dress and have it made in time! So my friend introduced me to a a cleanse that helped her, so in less than under two weeks I have lost 24lbs!! Eeeeeeekkkk Yes 24lbs!!!! I'm so extattic as I have this week found my dress and it's ordered and I feel like a weight has been lifted (literally) !! Plus I am so much more energised after it, I feel like it's only right to share the good news with my fellow 2015 brides who are I'm the same predicament I was And who want to feel and look their best on their big day!,

let me help you feel Amazing on your day message me some info ladies as too long to post on here! ????

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