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Help-is it possible to loose 2 inches off your back?

Is it possibel to loose 2 inches off your back in 10 weeks as my dress wont do up? can you let a zip fastened dress out by 2 inches, im so upset i dont know what to do.


  • It is possible! I too had the same problem about 10 weeks ago (i've had my dress at my mums for ages). But I went for my first fitting on Saturday and it fits perfect, in fact the woman said not to loose any more as it is strapless and I would feel the need to pull it up all day.

    Honestly though, I've not done a strict diet, I just cut back on the rubbish and tried to go for a walk or a swim twice a week (tried being the operative word).

    I think the stress of the wedding really does make you loose weight, don't worry, your dress will fit you fine and you'll look beautiful!

    k xx
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