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aw man i feel great

just got back from the gym and feeel sooooo good. Am so glad i joined a new one. Feel so much more motivated! Just thought i'd share that with you guys lol.


  • racheljparkerracheljparker Posts: 1,515
    Im really pleased for you!

    I too have just joined a gym and i managed an hour of cardiovascular today i was well pleased with myself. Does make you feel good though doesnt it
  • susu88susu88 Posts: 904
    good on you girl! what cardio did you do? i used the nautilus tread climber for half an hour then this hip and thigh machine for 10 minutes followed by strenght training for a further 20 minutes. It was great!!! tomorrow i'm going hula aerobics can't wait! endorphins come to me!!!
  • racheljparkerracheljparker Posts: 1,515
    That nautilus is fab isnt it! i did 20 mins on that speed 4 (im a beginner!) and on the max watsit, im sure youll know what that is lol

    Then did 20 mins on cross trainer and 20 mins on treadmill. Im so chuffed with myself cos i didnt feel like i was gonna die i have made progress lol image
  • racheljparkerracheljparker Posts: 1,515
    hula aerobics?? that sounds so cool

    Im having another bash at the gym and i think ive booked a yoga class for tomorrow night
  • susu88susu88 Posts: 904
    cool, cool haven't done hula aerobics yet but will let you know how it goes. Blimey girl that one heck of a cardio session you did! Brillliant stuff.

    Really like the nautilus machine and love it when it tells you how many calories you burn in space of 2 minutes! Wow you on speed 4? i was on 3 and max incline thingie. But yeah i can already feel that i can go faster longer. Wahey it's progress. Going spinning tomorrow then total rest for the weekend. Let me know how yoga was

  • susu88susu88 Posts: 904
    Hula aerobics really fun to do!!!!!! it's mad but a lot of fun and laughs. Helps when you have an instructor who isn't too serious about having to keep to the lesson plan.
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