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Gym - getting started and getting a good programme!!

Hi... Ive just joined my local (small) gym and had an induction on Tuesday. This was ok although a bit basic. I have been a regular gym goer before in what feels like a past life now but I did enjoy it when I went... But does anyone have any tips on how to get into a routine and then how to keep it up?? And also, how do I know whether Ive got a good programme that is working for me?? I enjoy the treadmill so would love to know how to get the most out of that. Im a vegan so the diet is healthy although much room for improvement and alcohol consumption needs to be drastically reduced... Im sure these changes will help. Im also considering a personal trainer but having never had one before how do you know if they're any good?? I have until December so lots of time but I do feel the need to start now and any tips would be much appreciated... Thanks ladies! image


  • rowevrowev Posts: 42
    Well done you for getting back to the gym, I really need to do that!!

    I've had one personal training session before and it was well worth the money, the routine I was doing was nothing compared to what they gave me to do - and I thought I used to work hard when I went. By the time my session had finished I could just about walk but everytime I've been back to the gym I stick to what she told me and it works wonders!

    I've also just started pole dancing classes and they are brilliant. You don't realise how hard it is until you go and its brilliant for an all over work out - you work your arms (extensively!!), your legs and your abs - and best of all it's fun!!! If there are any classes near you I would definitely recommend signing up for them.
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    I am a personal trainerimage - i would suggest that whilst your in the gym for the first couple of weeks keep your eye out for PT's with their clients then talk to the client in the changing room.. in my experience word of mouth is the best way, you could also kind of interview the trainers - after all you are paying for a service!.

    Everyone that has ever trained with a PT will tell you they work much harder, but you need to find one thats willing to set you goals for you to work on your own also, just paying them money all the time and no extra help is not an option (but it happens unfortunatly) Personal training should come as a whole package (in my opinion) fitness,health,lifestyle and diet.. make ure the trainer you pick will help with all this.

    If you want to go it alone, try picking up Health and Fitness or Zest in the shops they always have different programs in them but generally you need to make sure you are working effectively and the best way for that is heart rate. A watch and belt can be bought from Boots and sports shops (not too expensive) then you can see how hard you are working. Most machines in a gym give you a 'zone' to work to - this i find virtually impossible to get people to do so i would say as a female anywhere over 140 beats per minute to 165 is a good place to be.

    hope that helps

  • Thanks runningbird that's really helpful. The gym is part of a charity/university so is really really small, ie. 3 treadmills. I chose it because it is 1 minute from the tube so I thought it'd help resist the temptation to just go home! The induction I had was very basic I realise but I have been given a programme so I will try it out. However, a friend of mine who runs said to vary the programme and not just do manual at a rate of 8.5 as this will help with weightloss. She said shorter but more intense runs will have more of an impact - is this right? I enjoy the treadmill and that is what Im keen to make the most of. Thanks for the tips about the PTs I will certainly ask the right questions when I look into getting one. I have joined for one month initially so will have a PT session in that month to help me see if the gym is for me. I will get a heart rate monitor now as I know whereabouts I should be whereas before I had no clue! Thanks for the info image
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Hey SusanJane,

    glad the advice was helpful.

    The treadmill can be used in so many ways - you need to play around with it to see what suits you best, any running at 8.5 is going to get you buring roughly 100 cals every 10 mins (rough estimation) so if you add an incline this will increase. it will also target the backs of your legs and bum more!. Having said that if you then become knackered quickly as its more intense then you won't of worked out as long so therefore wont burn o many overall calories.

    If your getting the heart rate monitor - have a look at what it is running flat at 8.5 then work towards adding a gradient until its say 10 to 15 beats higher, once reached stay there for 30 seconds then back to the flat. and keep repeating.

    BUT - most of all have fun with it, if you don't it will become boring. (i personally cant stand running on the treadmill but then im spoilt with the great outdoors)..

    try typing treadmill programs into google also

    S x
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