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Need product testers for a 90-day Challenge

I need 12 product testers for a 90 day challenge at wholesale cost. Who has one of the following goals ???

-Diminish Stretch Marks (pregnant or not!) 
-Needs 8 servings of fruits & veggies to be a healthier you !
-Would like to sleep better ! Fall asleep faster and stay asleep 
-Looking to lose 20-30 pounds 
-Someone who wants to turn back - time - and have a younger looking face! 
-Tighten, tone, and firm anywhere from the neck down 
-Need less anxiety , more focus, and anti- stress 
-Wants to eat unhealthy meals such as fast food, but not gain weight 
-Struggling with dark circles, puffy eyes, or wants plumper lips 
-Looking to have mermaid hair in time for summer Stronger nails & healthier longer hair and eye lashes!

Comment or message me for details on how YOU could get wholesale pricing for this challenge!

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