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Hit plateau... Need help!!


I've lost 1st 11lbs on WW, but now I'm stuck!! I've not lost anything for 2 weeks... :\(

Motivation is still there, but any advice from here on...?? Cheers!

H xx


  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    If you are not already doing any exercises, I strongly recommend you up your physical exercises to get the metabolism working. If you are exercising, it is a good idea to start changing the intensity, times and exercises that you do, add some weight resistance exercises into the mix also.

    The body is amazing and has a good memory so it gets used to things after a while and stops performing as well hence the slow weight loss.

    As for eating, make sure you are not eating over or under, I tend to find if I eat the same calories all the time I dont lose, as the body gets used to it, so I will jazz up my metabolism by eating more one day, and less the next day so that my metabolism doesnt get slack.

    Keep it up, you WILL lose!!

    and well done on your weight loss!!

    Heidi xx
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