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Silver Slimming tablets

Has anyone tried these? I've started giving them a whirl today and i'm finding they are making me feel a bit jittery, not sure if it's normal they have caffeine in which I know can do that to you but I didn't think it would be this strong. On the plus side they have taken away my appetite completely.


  • KeiraukKeirauk Posts: 131
    you are better off trying Actislim Ultra. I was on them from November last year until Feb this year and i lost 3stone. I think they are great - they do make you feel a lil funny but that is the caffine. Im assuming the tablets that you have will have the same effect. Why not try actislim - you may be suprised! Im going back on them tomorrow because you need to come off them for a month go on for a month and so on.... visit the website:

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