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Hi all,

I never thought I was fat or overweight as a UK 12 but I've always had REALLY broad shoulders. I have recently become a bridesmaid and given a dress with sweetheart neckline and one shoulder strap... I can hide some of my broadness by putting all my hair to the other side but, the problem is the back. The back is corset style and is literally at its most wide. The other bridesmaids are size 8/10 and although they have smaller sizes the gap between the cross cross is only 2-3cm. Mine is around 12cm with the chance of exposing skin if the flap underneath move in the wrong place 😔. I'm actually so embarrassed and since the dress is from China it only cost like £5-£10ish so I don't really want to get it professionally altered. I actually broke the zipper today pulling it down the qualitys that bad ><. It's not even because I have boobs I'm 34B. Only option is exercise!  Any suggestions?? I do have a gym membership so equipment is available. 


  • You need to tell the bride how uncomfortabke you are...and look at getting the back altered. 

    The risk with dresses like this, is the sizes aren't realistic or correct and obviously the quality iant always up to much. 

    if the dress was so cheap is there an option of getting you a new one? 

  • Her wedding is late March and she still hasn't sorted ALOT. Like photographer, transportation,flowers... she is so stressed out. Don't want to add this onto her list.

    The size is a China extra large and was the biggest one available. One of the other bridesmaid tried to buy the same dress from different sellers online as the cups on hers were too big but when they arrived the colours were noticeably off. So not really an option.

    Btw the zip didn't break because I was too fat. I pulled it before I tried it on. My sister said she can easily fix that but not make any alterations. To get it altered professional just might cost to much for what's it worth >< The places I've looked up cost at least £15 just for a zip changed

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    If you have broad shoulders no amount of work in the gym is going to make the dress fit any better - its your build. That's the problem with ordering dresses from China, they might be a lot cheaper than ones here but the quality and sizing is often off & puts bridesmaids in situations like these. 

    I'd speak to a dressmaker to see what they can do - i'm sure once it fits it will look great & you'll feel so much more confident than wearing a dress that fits you :-)

  • The dress sounds like a bargain for the bride, but if you're not comfy, you're going to grimace in her pictures and worry her even more.  Personally, just because the alterations will cost more than the dress, I wouldn't let that put me off. Get the alterations done, pay for it yourself and feel fabulous with your friend on her big day.

  • Thanks you for the advice. Its actually really stressing me out just thinking about the actual day spending 10 hours in that dress. I've just been told today that they have decided to film the whole wedding... So yeah guess I'm just gonna fork out the money and get it altered. I'm just really worried about the cost. I heard it can be very expensive. Usually I wouldnt think twice since she is a really close friend but I was suddenly made redundant without notice a few weeks ago and literally just been eating my way through my saving. Brought shoes, accessories, wedding gift plus I've just paid for the hen so that's mainly the reason why I'm so reluctant. 

    Haha they went all out on us! The groomsman are wearing £2.50 waistcoats! Weddings are expensive. Need to cut corners somewhere 😂! They almost made the bridesmaid hold artificial bouquets but I managed to convince a cousin whos a professional florist to do it for free. He said we were wearing enough polyester as it is. No need to hold it too! Think he felt bad for me. Apparently flowers are really cheap but your paying for the service to have them arranged. 

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    Have you taken it to a tailors? They might be able to add some material to make it fit better and probably wouldn't cost too much. Might be an easier option than stressing out your friend but also making sure you feel comfortable!

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    I actually didn't take it to the tailors. My other sister had a look and suggested I exposed the zip instead to give me some more space. Some how worked out great and now it fits so much better! The lace up section is now a slimmer rectangle rather then a long top triangle and looks good. The lace up hides the zip so not really a problem ☺️! My sister blames bad tailoring. 

    Cant believe how much I stressed over this! Wish I broke the zip earlier haha We just had our spa hen on the weekend and now it's only one week to go! Only the rehersal and favours to make and then it's the big day 😄 I'm super excited now! 

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