Struggling to keep stress weight off

When it comes to stress, I'm the opposite to most people in that I eat more without realising.

Very annoying when planning a wedding!

Although I'm naturally a size 8, I've gone up to a size 10 recently from stressing. And it seems no matter how healthily I eat it's not budging.

I wouldn't mind so much if I wasn't wearing a size 8 dress! Which has already been paid for.

I'm panicking. It's mostly around my lower stomach to thighs, and everything in between. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction of exercises or healthy eating ideas so I don't have to buy a new dress 6 months before my wedding. 


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    Sorry to hear you're stressed CircusTeacups - it is hard not to when planning a wedding, and i've been guilty of it too! Sleepless nights worrying about bridesmaids dresses/flowers/entertainment are not fun at all! 

    First of all try to minimise your stress - try and figure out whats triggering it and minimise it. Can your H2B help you at all? I've found that taking time for regular relaxation has helped me - could you make time for a monthly massage/beauty treatment? This would also be good for your bridal beauty regime!

    As for healthy eating/exercise have you tried Joe Wicks' Lean in 15? Everyone seems to be doing it at the moment but his book is full of really easy, quick, healthy meals and quick workouts you can squeeze in at home with little/no equipment so this might help. 

    If you're naturally a size 8 and have increased a little to a 10 it shouldn't take too much hard work to get back down to what you were when you bought your dress - otherwise don't panic, a seamstress can adjust a dress up a dress size no problem.

    Good luck & let us all know how you get on. Everyone tells me wedding planning should be fun but I know sometimes that's not the case. Try & enjoy it as much as you can, it's really not worth getting stressed over as whatever happens you and your H2B will have an incredible day x

  • Im exactly the same circus teacups, my dress is an 8 and I'm heading to a ten.  For the last year i have done a c9 cleanse programme every four months which helps me feel good but also keeps my weight manageable. I know i will also have to keep on top of it for september.  I also recommend reading or listening to mindset cd's, sounds really cliche but they really help to keep stress down and keep positive. 


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