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Most Effective Crash Diet

I really didn't want to be one of those brides that crash diets but as my wedding is in 56 days I have little other option! 

I've had alot of stress factors hit me at once with personal issues, work life and the wedding; as a naturally anxious person do not cope well with stress. 


As most brides do I always expected to look the best I've ever looked and feel the best I've ever felt on my wedding day, and as April is fast approaching I've realised that's not going to happen and I've let myself down so much and have no one to blame but myself. Now I know crash diets aren't great for long term results but at the moment I'm quite short sighted. I've ballooned from a size 12 at the time of my engagement to a size 16 -- realistically I know I won't loose a huge amount but I just want to loose the most I can.

Have any of you brides tried a crash diet that worked well? 


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    You have 8 weeks. 3lb a week is 24lb, nearly 2stone. That means 2 dress sizes usually!! Id say very sensible eating on the likes of slimming world would do that for you! I've done the same and not done any dieting... I haven't really put on weight but I always expected to look amazing on my wedding day. 90 days to go so big effort being made with me at the minute. I'm just starting this week

  • Atkins works for some people. I also get married in April and am trying to lose weight, so I brought a Fitbit and have found it fantastically helpful. I know to lose 2ibs a week I need to burn 1000 more calories a day than I eat and a Fitbit gives you the control you need to do it. Crash dieting isn't good; you may not be happy in your dress, but if it's been fitted to you at this size you and either going to have to wear a dress that's potentially too big or have it emergency readjusted: that will be stressful!

  • Slimming world def! Also combined with the 5 2 diet. Put some excercise into the mx and you're onto a winner. best of luck xx

  • Million percent slimming world! Stick to it and the weight will drop off. The best diet ever and you will never go hungry! Good luck 💪🏻 X 

  • you have time without using a crash diet - eat less than you burn, slimming world is a great structured way to do this, I lost 6.5 stone on slimming world without really feeling like i was missing out on much, you can sign up to weekly groups or do it from home if that's not your scene (personally I found going to a group and facing the results in front of everyone each week to be what made me want to lose and not gain!!)


    after that (and a pretty rough year and a half and gaining 2st back)  i have since lost a further stone using my fitbit and my fitness pal, my fitness pal logs my food and calorie intake and my Fitbit tells me what I've burnt each day, so once again keeping the in, less than the out and I'm happily easily losing 1lb a week without missing out on the  weekend treats


    I don't do any additional exercise because I do walk 5-10 miles a day for my job, bit any additional calorie burn will help too


    what I will warn hugely on is actually under eating!! Even now it feels weird to me that surely if I don't eat then I'll have to lose weight, I went through about a month where I wasn't losing despite being what I thought was really good each day, every week no loss! It wasn't until I looked at my intake compared to my out that I realised although I was only just hitting my 1200/1300 calorie minimum for woman per day, (which itself was too low really) my work exercise was burning 400-700 calories each day so I was actually only really eating 800odd calories a day! Very bad! Once I figured this out and started eating more the weight started to drop again :)


    good luck :)


  • It's a simple formula. Take in lesser calories than you are burning for a few days and that should bring in good results over a period of two weeks!

  • Crash dieting is possibly the worst thing you can do, especially if you're already feeling stressed. Brides should never feel under pressure to diet! Eat a little less, eat more fruit and veg and try to be more active. HIIT training and weights are really good ways of burning lots of calories and toning you up, which will benefit you so much more than any crash diet will.

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