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I am lacking MOTIVATION and considering a HEALTH COACH to lose weight.

Hello ladies!!!

I saw on others posts a bunch of girls saying that a Fitbit would help me keep accontable and motivated, however I`ve already bought a Fitbit, and it doesn`t keep me motivated at all.

I say " tomorrow I am gonna start walking the 10k steps".A month has passed since I bought it, and I haven`t started yet. I get even harder on myself.

I`ve been thinking a Health Coach might be a good idea to keep me motivated, but I don`t know any! Does anyone know any health coach? Any good experience with it? WHY was it a good or bad experience???

I've lost 10 pounds initially, right after we got engaged, but with all the stress of work and planning the wedding I gained it back again. Now, I just have 4 months before my wedding to lose 20 pounds.


  • Have you got any friends on the Fitbit? The weekend challenges etc are great if you can get a bit of competition going. I will be your friend if you think it will help xx

  • I have a few that use it, I might invite them to do something. :D  Oh thank you very much!!! :D Look for me on the app! :D:D

    I am really considering looking for a Health coach though, I really want this change to be for ever!!! But I want to hear some positive feedback about some good coach!



  • B23B23 Posts: 169

    I have been seeing a personal trainer less to loos weight an d more because I was going to a class with her before and I couldnt go once I changed jobs. Now she comes to see me once a week and we do a resistance based work out (weights) and she advises me what else I should be doing. I also have a food diary she monitors and makes recommendations on.

    I pay £30 a session and included in that she is always at the other end of the phone or email if I need any advice.

    Definitely worth it and really helpful to be held accountable to someone else and not just yourself. 



  • That's awesome! I bet you've been doing a good job since you started with her, huh?

    Wow, she is more than a personal trainer she is more like an health coach! I need something like that, someone who keep me motivated but also go deep into the psychological part ( behavioural/ habit change).

    That's exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you very much!!!!


    Is any one else is looking for that or it is just me????


  • Have you tried slimming world? I lost two stone on that diet without even exercising! X  

  • No, I haven't. Nice! I think that diet is the key too!

    Why did you like slimming world?

  • Hey

    I am working out twice a week with a personal trainer, we also talk about nutrition and healthy living so he is a bit of everything wrapped into one. He has set me a healthy eating plan and keeps me on track - I know I'll be weighed/ measured each week so I need to keep on track!

    It's also great because he knows the exact measurements of my dress, so I can work to that! 

  • Hi ladies, 

    I see you want to say "I do to a slimmer you?"

    Have you heard of the amazing clean 9? It's a 9 day detox which is designed to flush toxins out of body and loose weight. In 9 days I lost 11lbs. It's a very good product. Forever living, quality aloe vera products. There are also a further 2 weight management programmes, fit 1 and fit 2. If any of you lovely ladies are interested please don't hesitate to contact me. 

    [email protected] 


    01905 427373

    Facebook - Chelsie Yhettie Lane

    Order without hesitation if your not 100% happy with these products your entitled to 60day money back guarantee.  

    Many thanks Chelsie 

  • Hi girls, I'm a newbie here, but I know how to lose up to 3,5 stones in one month with no harm for your health. If you're interested I can tell you in PM how to do it fast ) 

  • Jo-2727Jo-2727 Posts: 1

    HI Gabrielle,

    I know that I am a little late responding to your post, but I can totally understand your desire to get a health coach.  I actually have used one also, following the birth of our kids.  I think it can be great, because you have someone that is contacting you each week to see how you are tracking, but at the same time, on reflection there were lots of holes in my health coaches approach. 

    She had me eating lots of snacks through the day (even if I wasnt hungry she would say that I need to be snacking), which of course I now realise is a big fallacy.  She kept the pressure on to weigh myself each week, and in the end I started telling lies about the scales because I just felt like such a failure...

    So i liked the accountability, but I hated her approach, and I felt like a failure at the end of it..

    Anyhow - without giving you a big sell, I am actually starting my own Accountability Coaching.  It is purely based around modifying your existing behaviours (small wins), and continuing to track and reward yourself as you continue to 'try your best' at creating new habits.  This slight tweak in terms of trying your best allows you to get rid of that 'all-or-nothing' diet mentality that we all have.

    I'm not sure if this is allowed (?) - but here's my website.

    I'm actually looking for women that I can work with for free to start getting testimonials and making sure I am the best at what i do..

    Let me know if you are interested, but if not - all the very best for your wedding day!  You will look beautiful regardless of whether you shake these pounds or not :-)


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