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Non weight bearing - how do I exercise?! Help!!!

Desperate for help- I'm normally fit and active and have been losing a bit of weight for my wedding in July. However back in November I fell from a height and destroyed my ankle. I had ankle reconstruction surgery a couple of weeks ago and am stuck on the sofa all the time, non weight bearing and on crutches. I can literally feel the weight creeping back on so I'm trying to restrict food intake - but that can't be healthy either?! 

Am in real need of motivation/solutions! When I finally get off the crutches it'll only be 8 weeks till my wedding - I'm worried there wont be enough time to shape up and fit into my dress!

its also depressing not being able to exercise - I feel like such a lump. Sorry for rant but I'd love some creative ideas/support please! 


  • I am no PT or exercise guru but what about do core work (just not planks - unless you can manage 1 legged lol) so sit ups, crunches etc. 

    Otherwise, the only other thing I can think of it lots of walking. I know it's hard with crutches and can be tiring - I had them a couple of years ago for a knee injury but will keep you moving so at least you're burning some off. I tried to avoid walking as much as i could when I had mine and the weight piled on :( Has taken me a year to lose it. 

    Hope that might help in some way :)

  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 465 New bride

    Can you swim? 

    You can get a few bits of bands and stuff like that and do arm work outs? 

    I have also seen people use things but for arms. 

    If you can get to a gym maybe speak to a trainer there. They might be able to help? 


    Good luck. Hope it heals fast. Xx

  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    Are you in a cast? If not how about swimming? I tore ligaments in my foot a few years ago (and still feel twinges to this day - horrible injury!), and found that a gentle swim really helped.. I would probably check with your GP/physio first though just in case it made it worse!

    Other than that, agree with the others, try and concentrate on some core toning work, or light weight work on upper body? Unfortunately for weight loss cardio is best which will be hard until you're properly back on your feet - how about something like myfitnesspal just to keep check of diet while you're laid up?

  • Just though, if you're a member of a gym then upper body weight exercises would be good. Can sit on a bench then and do them, or use the seated machines.

    Also, if you speak to a member or staff there or a PT they should be able to give you good exercises you can do. Weights are one of the best things for weight loss. 

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    Thanks girls - I'm in a cast so no swimming! Upper body work and core it is - just soooo boring.  I'm anticipating coming back on here with 8 weeks to go for tons of last minute exercise advice and motivation from you ladies! 

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    Thanks so much Kitten2014 - great advice about food being in the house, especially! My H2B is having to do all the cooking at the mo because I can't get around so he's being v supportive and making different salads each night.  I might Google some workout DVDs!

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    Oh dear! I sooo feel your pain as my h2b was made redundant and then broke his ankle...he has now been in plaster for 4 weeks! Not only is he bored and depressed, he often needs to eat as he feels quite sick with his painkillers! 

    There really is not a lot you can do, he is stuck on the sofa and needs me to make a flask of coffee and a packed lunch or come home from work for lunch ..he is really suffering both physically and mentally..  as he has no job and no hope of interviews and the pressure of our wedding in 5 months time it's really hard! 

    Its going to be hard to do much exercise...but try to avoid bad foods! To repair you will need lots of protein so maybe combine that with salads... Of course it's hard to get from the sofa to the fridge or treat box so that is a bonus... 

    Take care... If you get down and need a shoulder...feel free to pm me x

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Have you thought about getting a trainer of some kind? Possibly even just for a one off session at the gym to show you what you can and can't do?

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Thanks so much Kim90 - you totally get it! I have to carry thinks around my neck in a bag like a horse's nose bag! Basically haven't had hot drinks in a fortnight on my own... 

    Little Jules - I really would if I could but I tried walking about 500 metres from the bus stop yesterday (first time I'd ventured out of house alone since op!) and the pain in my wrists walking on crutches for that long was unbearable.

    im on a mission today to get off the sofa, stop watching 'say yes to the dress', decorate some of my jars, do a ton of core work and some pull up sessions.

    Thanks for support ladies, it means so much!

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Oh no! Poor you. I guess try to keep moving as much as you can within limits. Can you get some small hand weights and use them at home? Also, you will get better on the crutches with practice!

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