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Just thought I would reccomend musclefood for slimming approved meats - I have just made my first order and I got a code to pass on for either 4 free chicken breasts or 2 free steaks with your first order... if anyone uses Musclefood or wants to try it out then code is below...

FYI I am on slimming world and these do lots of lean meats, sausages, mince etc at great prices. Also have fun meats and burgers to try like venison, kangeroo and ostrich!!! 

Might help someone out :)

CODE: RK387529


  • Oh, as a note - Simming world is great for weight loss in my opinion - I've never stiuck to any diet before but lost 3 st 9 1/2 lbs so far on SW with no effort really :D xx

  • Hi Rachel,

    You read my mind! I was just chatting to my OH last night about potentially joining SW and he wants to do a more high protein/low carb diet so he suggested that we use muscle food to save money. I'll pass on the code to him, thank you sooo much!

    Really pleased to hear that you've had success with SW. I tried it a few years ago but didn't stick to it 100% so my weight loss wasn't great. I've been using MFP for a year now and lost 1.5 stone but I'm stuck in a rut and I think starting SW could be the shake up I need :) x

  • Go for SW again and use flexible syns - I swesr by it! Basically I say I have 105 syns for the week so it means I don't feel guilty when i have a bottle of wine and nice dinner one night as still 'on plan' as havent used 105 syns in that one night!!! Then just have some days where i dont use the syns - this way of thinking has really helped me so might help you stay on track? Won't work for everyone as it might encoyrage binge eating but it has helped me =] 

    You're welcome - love a freebie haha :) and the meats are very good value and lots of lean options - i liek that burgers etc are only 1 syn as i can never be arsed to make my own from mince its so messy lol!


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,013 New bride

    Me and the fiance are massive muscle food fans! Since we got a groupon deal for them around a year ago we never buy meat in the supermarket anymore. The meat is lean, is better quality than the supermarket and as long as you use the 'deals' it's about 1/3 cheaper- so what's not to like?? When we get supermarket meat now I can really see the quality difference especially in things like the meat joints and chicken breast. Tonight we're having their lime and sweet chilli chicken burgers- mmmmm.

  • Ciara4Ciara4 Posts: 51

    I'm doing Slimming World, lost 3 stone on it before and then fell off the wagon while I got 'happy fat' haha so currently trying to shift some of that before my wedding, 9lbs gone so far and would like to ideally lose another stone by the big day!

    I also LOVE musclefood, their food is such good quality! I've heard their peanut butter froyo is delicious and only about 3 syns per 100ml! (don't quote me on that though!) 

  • I saw something about a choc syrup thats 1/2 syn for a tbsp? So might search for that next time - good luck with the weightloss- when's your big day? 

    I've still got a while - not till 7th July 2017! Realllyyy want to try dresses but want to be nearer to traget weight before I do that (around another 3 stone to lose still!) as diff styles etc will look completely different now to when I've lost the rest of the weight!


  • Ciara4Ciara4 Posts: 51

    Hmm you might be thinking of choc shot? you can get it in tesco! Or muscle food do something called Prutella which is meant to be like Nutella. Its obviously not as nice as Nutella but it's half the syns! I've not got long scarily, 28 May this year eek! Although I tend to focus so much better when there's pressure so fingers crossed :)

    yep I made sure I was happy(er) with my weight before I tried on dresses, was actually this time last year that I bought mine. It's such an amazing experience when you're happy with how your body looks, I felt like a bajillion dollars haha. Good luck with your weight loss too, and wedding planning! Xx

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I'm doing SW as well, have lost 1 stone 2lb so far. Choc shot doesn't have much in the way of syn value but then someone at our group last week was talking about some syrups called Zero Syrups you can get from somewhere called Protein Works. If I remember rightly they are syn free (hurrah) and though they are a little pricey, they will last ages.

    She brought some for us to have a try and I found the chocolate syrup nicer than Choc Shot which when put over fruit for example, I find a bit too bitter, a bit dark.  

  • Sooo I joined up for Slimming World and have started today, I'm feeling so positive!

    Any tips would be appreciated :) x

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