Losing weight with a made to measure dress

Hi all

I put down my deposit for a beautiful Naomi Neoh made to measure dress back in October last year. Since then I've lost just over 2 stone and would like to lose another 2 before my wedding in September.

The problem is, I have my calico fitting (where they make the dress to your measurements) on 2nd April which is the latest date they could do. They've said that it's best if I don't change shape from April - September at all!

Has anyone got any experience with this? I really do want to lose some more, and I don't understand why I wouldn't be able to - surely that's what the other two/three fittings are for?

Any ideas? It feels so silly to cut off my weight loss now when I have another 6 months to go! 


  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I agee with you that it will be fine. It was explained to me that the Naomi made to measure dresses are intended to not require any further alterations at all so the maternial is literally cut to fit your exact shape to give the intended look at its best. However, Naomi do also do standard sizes and both the standards and the made to measure can of course be altered slightly. I am sure you are not the first bride to not change shape in between the made to measure fitting and the big day! My naomi is a standard size which I am getting altered to fit my exact shape and I think it looks the same! 

    Just ask them to measure you on the tighter fit so the alterations are as minimal as possible! And well done on the weight loss that is amazing - I say keep going. Weight loss is not only for the wedding but also for your health and (assuming your not slim already) any weight loss is good for your long term health and should come first. The dress will easily be taken in by at least 2 sizes if needs be. 

  • Kimberley23Kimberley23 Posts: 167

    Thanks Jenni! For some reason I've just seen your reply, I really hope it'll be okay. They sounded very firm about me not changing size, but I can't see how that's reasonable & yes, you're right - other brides must have changed size before! 

    Thanks for your encouragement too - it's a really slow process, but I feel like I'm getting there little by little! 

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