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Had anyone recently joined weight watchers to lose weight in time for their wedding? 

I am looking for other B2B who are using WW so that we can support and motivate each other.

I first joined WW In 2000 and got to my gold weight. 16 years later I'm back and hoping to get from 10st 10lb to 9st 6lb - 18lbs. 

It feels so much more difficult this time round its a new points system Smartpoints. I had my first weigh in last Thursday and only lost 1lb!!! I was gutted. looking at the scales I seem to have only shifted another 1lb but will know tomorrow more. 

Obviously a pound off is better than a pound on but it's painfully slow. 

Is there anyone else out there who would like to buddy up???? 


  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    I'd love to! I haven't joined WW again though - I joined for about 9 months before I moved last year and lost 2 stone, currently hovering just under 12 but I want to be down at least to 11 before my wedding in August- I know it's achievable but I've been exactly the same weight give or take 1 or 2 lb for about 4 months now haha - clearly I need more motivation! 

    I'm hoping the lighter nights and warmer weather will encourage me to get out in an evening - work makes it difficult for me to commit to gym classes as I never know where I'll be, but I think excercise is definitely key for me - I use myfitnesspal and usually manage to keep to my 1200 cals a day but I'm just not shrinking at all! 

  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    Also Lady D have you looked at their filling and healthy plan (I think that's what it's called?)- basically a list of 'free' foods.. I didn't particularly like the principle that you could eat as much of them as you wanted, I don't see how you could lose weight whilst living on brown bread and rice haha.. But i found it really useful to have a list of foods that I didnt need to give too much thought to, and some of the recipes were really good (chickpea and sweet potato curry being a favorite of mine and H2B's)

  • Lady DLady D Posts: 16

    HI MC98, 

    great hear back from someone. It's hard isn't?! 

    But with a bit of mutual support we can do it!!!

    I did try the filling and healthy plan last year but it wasn't  for me. I eat out a lot and basically need the points to keep me in check. 

    I'm so use to loosing 4lbs week on previous diets but maybe that's the problem as soon as I reach tmy gist I just start eating like a pig again and it g back on.  This time I'd like to get it off and keep it if post wedding so maybe 1lb a week is the way forward. Im just impatient. 

    my wedding is not until  29th Oct so at this rate of 1lb a week I should reach my goak by the end of July. 

    When is your wedding? 


  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    It's in August this year- I'd happily take a pound a week at the moment- if I could do that and maintain it, I'd do almost double my goal! 11 stone for me should translate to about a size 10 so I'd be over the moon with that, just need to get cracking with it!

  • Clairej20Clairej20 Posts: 79

    I've been doing weight watchers since end of January and have lost 8 lbs so far, so roughly 1lb a week. I've also had weekends where I've gone off the scale point wise so if I had been more strict I would have lost more. For me I find that it works and I've still had treats along the way.

    smart points wise, fill up on fruit and veg.

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I've been struggling with weight gain for the last ~5 years with it slowly creeping on and have been on and off dieting for the last maybe 2 years. I did slimming world which I lost little by little but gave it up due to cost. I have recently moved house and am right by a weight watchers and am considering trying it. I'm worried about cost though, is anyone able to tell me how much it costs please? x

  • Emma417Emma417 Posts: 241

    Do you think it would be helpful to set up a private facebook group or something for people who have health and fitness goals ahead of their big day?

    I'm not a massive fan of weight watchers or slimming world having seems my mum and friends lose and then put on ever more later.

    I'm really pro making the right choices to see you through beyond just a weight loss goal and I don't think slimming world or weight watchers have this right yet.

    I'm not working in fitness space myself but H2B is a personal trainer and nutritionist so am lucky in that this stuff has become very familiar to me. 

    Happy to help set group up and agree objectives for doing so and seeing who wants to join? We could share clean recipe tips, exercises, general motivation when we're craving something we shouldn't and reassuring each other when we do slip!

    this is something I've been thinking about since reading a few posts recently about weight etc.

  • I've done weight watchers many times and finally got to goal 3 years ok, I've managed to stay roughly the same since then give our take a few pounds.

    I don't personally like the new smart points I just could not stick to it! I'm going to try propoints again to try and lose a few pounds before my wedding in September. I've also booked to see a personal trainer tomorrow evening as I need to get more into exercise!

  • Emma417Emma417 Posts: 241

    MC98 I hope you don't mind me saying but I'd say 1200 calories a day is too low depending on how active you are and if that's your net number of total intake. Sometimes not eating enough has the opposite effect. 


  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    Hi Emma, I don't mind at all - it's come purely from myfitnesspal based on my weight and my aim of losing 1lb a week, but I use a fitness app as well to log exercise, so when I log a walk/run/swim etc I get 'extra' calories.. Perfect for a Sunday lunch when me and H2B try and get out to do 8-10 miles of walking on a Sunday morning

    we used to live on the isle of man and it was so easy to get out for walks- its so picturesque out there, and really hilly which is great! The weight was falling off me.. Although it's always easier when you have more to lose Isn't it! 

  • I'm doing WW - our wedding is not til next year, but I want to start now as I will go dress shopping in October...... SP is very different, but I can just about get my head round it..... disappointed that Curly Wurlys are now 6SP instead of 3PP!  :(

  • Lady DLady D Posts: 16

    Gosh, hello everyone! What a good response! 

    Seems like we're all pretty much in the same boat. So lets keep supporting and motivating each other...

    Jenni8 in reply to your question about cost of WW. I paid £14.95 for my first month then I think it's around £21 there after. not cheap I know. This gives access to the tracker app - which is fab plus recipes, workouts etc. Once you get to your Goal weight you no longer have to pay so long as you stay within (I think) 5lbs of your new weight. If you still want to track then it's £15 for 3 months. 


    Got out my second weigh in later today - fingers crossed x 

  • Emma417Emma417 Posts: 241
    VodkaQueen wrote (see post):

    I'm doing WW - our wedding is not til next year, but I want to start now as I will go dress shopping in October...... SP is very different, but I can just about get my head round it..... disappointed that Curly Wurlys are now 6SP instead of 3PP!  :(

    what is worse than a curly wurly being 6sp is that avocados are 14! How slimming world think it's ok to encourage eating processed refined sugar over natural healthy clean ingredients is just crazy. I dont think they are educating people properly and people end up filling up on processed food on basis it's low syns when really they should be eating nutritious healthy ingredients. 

    There are better choices out there than slimming world and weight watchers for healthy sustainable weight loss.

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