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So I'm getting married in 2 weeks and i went for my final fitting last night . My dress does up etc and had to be taken in on the bust, but it has a funny fold on the hip where it's to tight , my stream stress has already taken it out , and I promise I haven't put on weight, I have measurements on my waste, hip etc and they have not change. I guess what I'm asking is , am I going mad or do Mori Lee come smaller, they ordered me a size 12 and I'm usally a 12 on the high street ? Also how much can they take out a dress?

I feel upset and really emotionally drained by this .

if there is anyone who has had the same situation please let me no?



  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    Don't feel stressed by this - especially if the seamstress is already on top of the fix.

    Wedding fashion sizing is a thing all of its own! It doesn't even seem to match up to the sizing used for other high-fashion, non-wedding designs - and doesn't even seem to be completely consistent across wedding designers themselves!

    It also can vary with the style. Obviously, a free-flowing art-deco inspired gown from Jenny Packham isn't going to fit on your backside the way a tightly fitted mermaid from Berta would. All of a sudden, you might need an 8 when you're normally a 4!

    It's nothing to be concerned about - and nothing a set of shapewear can't fix if the alterations aren't completely perfect. Save your angst, trust me, there will be plenty of other things to fuss about in the final run-up!

  • Harriet85Harriet85 Posts: 118

    I was told as a general rule you size up when buying a wedding dress. Im normally a 10/12 and my dress was a size 14. Usually dresses have about 2 inches in the seems (not all) so it may be able to be taken out

  • Tessie87Tessie87 Posts: 26

    I'm a 12 on the high street - but had to order my Mori Lee in a 16. So I'd agreed they come up quite small!

    Spanx Higher power are amazing - might be worth buying a pair and trying the dress on again? x

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