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Anyone tried weightlossforyourwedding ?

Has anyone signed up for weightlossforyourwedding and seen results?


  • DebrisDebris Posts: 32

    I completely gave up dairy and the weight fell off. Switched milk to soya or Oatlys milk (Oatlys only really good to add to porridge - doesn't look good in tea/coffee) Soya milk fine for coffee. Supermarkets have desserts free from dairy which replaced my daily yoghurt. I gave up on biscuits too and replaced them with corn cakes spread with almond butter (similar to peanut butter for taste). Switched to dark chocolate 75%+ in coco from my normal milk chocolate bars. I've lost almost a stone in 6 weeks. So don't now need to follow any diets as such - happy days :-)

  • Kerry67Kerry67 Posts: 2

    I've just signed up. I've been looking for reviews but can only really find what is on the website. I keep joining slimming world and giving up so I'm willing to give this a go, think I need something new x

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