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Dress measurements and losing weight

I was just sat here worrying about not losing too much weight before my wedding, but I could really do with losing a few inches.

My concern is that if lose too much weight and the brideal shop might not be able to make all of the necessary alterations as it's a very detailed dress. 

When the seamstress took my measurements, she took them over my clothes (I had a thick long top on and jeggings) and she pulled quite tightly. She said she does this as in her experience, Brides will inevitably lose weight through stress.

My dress is a zip up also which can't be converted to a corset so I don't have that option, not that I would want to.

I was just wondering how others had their measurements taken and have any of you lost too much weight for the alterations to be made properly?


  • The seamstress took my measurements over my clothes too. But she did it really loosely, so I'm a bit concerned it will come in too big. But at the end of the day, she's done this hundreds of times and it's her profession, so I trust her. 

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