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May Wedding - Panic Dieting

Hi Ladies,

My wedding is in 5 months - 27th May and my dress is due in at the end of January. 

I'm starting to panic. My dress will fit BUT i'm not at the weight i want to be at. Realistically i need to loose about 2 stone. I don't really have the time to go to the gym so.....

I am thinking of taking drastic measures and going on the Cambridge diet. 

Has anyone done this with success? How hard is it to stick to?


  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    2 stone is a lot of weight to lose in 5 months - it's doable but you'd be putting a lot of pressure on yourself. 

    Programmes like the Cambridge diet do get results, but  are unsustainable - you will be hungry, miserable and probably not have much energy. Is that how you want to spend your last couple of months as a Miss?

    Also if your dress fits currently & you're starting fittings in Jan I wouldn't recommend losing a load of weight as you will just cause issues for the seamstress. A few lbs isn't going to be a huge deal for them but over a stone might!

    Exercise will always help with weight loss & i'd always recommend combining it with a sensible (not crash) diet as it will also improve your mood when things get Stressful. It also doesn't mean going to the gym - you can download apps for home workouts & even getting out for a 30 min walk every day on your lunch hour will help.

    Hope that gives you some ideas - crash diets aren't the answer! 

  • I haven't tried the Cambridge diet but I found the 5:2 diet worked for me.  I wanted to lose some weight before my dress fittings this month and managed to lose 12 pounds in approx 5 weeks doing that.  I find it easy to stick to as you are only restricting your calories on those 2 days and can still go out for a meal, have a takeaway, etc at a weekend if you want. Good luck with whatever diet you try!

  • I can't vouch for slimming world enough! If you're committed to it, you should be able to lose 2 stone in 5 months. But you have to be really committed!

    I've done it twice, first time I lost 1 stone and 2lbs in 4 weeks, I'm going for a weigh in this morning which will be my second week for this stint and my first week I lost 4.5lb and it's so easy! I had treats everyday and maxed out my 'syns' every day, but it works! And it's sustainable if you keep at it long enough.

    My problem with SW is not carrying on when I reach my goal, I fall out of the habit and life gets in the way, but ultimately that's down to my laziness and nothing else! 

  • Slimming world! I was skeptical about it at first, but realistically you can lose 1-2lb a week if you follow it strictly (and it's really easy to follow), and it doesn't feel too 'diety' as you still eat properly and can fill up on fruit and veg.  I joined in September and I lost 4.5lb in my first week, and since then on the weeks where I have been trying, I've lost between 1.5 and 2.5lb.  I've got around another stone I'd like to lose, and my wedding is in July, and I just plan on working really hard in the New Year to get there.  I am sure you can do it :-) 

  • sonia9sonia9 Posts: 243

    Don't do the Cambridge diet, you will be miserable and mess your body up for the future. Give slimming world a go and aim for at least 3 lots of exercise a week, even if it's just a 30 minute walk. xx


  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    I agree don't do the Cambridge diet - you will be miserable and you may also find that your skin breaks out.

    I do slimming world and so far I think it's great. I've seen people in group lose 4-5 stone this year, so 2 stone is doable if you stick to it. 

    Its a good plan, lots of food so you won't go hungry. 

    Try and see if you can get your dress altered as late as possible. 

  • EmmyGeeEmmyGee Posts: 102

    The Cambridge Diet made me feel really miserable - I lost nearly 2 stone in 10 weeks but it caused me alot of unhappiness. It's very very hard and my moods were horrible, I had really bad breath as well from being in Ketosis and as soon as you start to eat normally it piles back on. I also really suffered with bad stomach cramping and migraines.

    I would highly recommend Slimming World - you can actually eat and it doesn't make it awkward when eating out as well as with Cambridge I had to avoid going out so it makes you really anti-social especially at meal times with OH. 

    With Slimming World if you're good and have your syns each week then you can definitely lose around 2-4 lb a week. I lost 6lb in my first week!


  • Emma593Emma593 Posts: 128 New bride

    Thanks Ladies. I have done slimming world in the past and it has worked but I do find the weight comes off very slowly for me. Half a pound a week or sometimes not even losing which led me to having no motivation to carry on further. I spoke to my consultant and she couldn't tell me what I was doing wrong because my food diary was perfect. My main worry is that if I do slimming world again and it doesn't work then I won't have lost the weight in time.

    I was thinking of using the Cambridge diet as a kick start to the weight loss and then going on to clean eating - no carbs no sugar. My main reason for doing it is because the weight loss does come off quite quickly hoping that this will give the will power and motivation that I need to continue. 


  • We're you having your syns everyday on SW? My weight loss is really slow if I don't have my syns, but if I do I find its better for me.

    If you want a quick win, have you heard of lipotrim? It's a medically supervised juice diet. You have to get it from the pharmacy and they take all your measurements and monitor you. They will only prescribe you a weeks worth at a time so they can make sure it's working how it should. My DP did this and lost a stone in just over two weeks, maybe less actually. It's quite expensive, it's about £50 a week but if you just want to get a kick start, maybe this is an option?

  • Emma593Emma593 Posts: 128 New bride

    Thanks MrsStobe i will have a look at that too. I did a juice diet in the past just before a holiday and also just to stop eating crap and it really worked. The best diets for me are when i don't have any choices to make and with Slimming World it's just too flexible.

    I was having between 5 - 12 syns a day. I find that carbs don't really agree with me and I felt bloated / constipated a lot on SW. If I stuck to just protein I may as well of been doing another diet. 

  • I'm also 27th May and starting to get motivated to shape up! I recommend YouTube HIIT workouts, perhaps try The Body Coach ones, as they're free and you can do them anywhere. Also try to drink less and eat less junk and actually a fairly steady loss should happen. You could always do Cambridge a couple of weeks before your final fitting, providing your final fitting is very close to the wedding!

  • MashMash Posts: 73

    "then going on to clean eating - no carbs no sugar"

    Perfect - I don't think you need do the Cambridge Diet first tbh, just go in with the 8 week blood sugar diet - bloody brilliant for health and weight loss. Have a google or get hold of Michael Moseleys book. There's a few facebook groups for support out there - then maintain with LCHF.  Google DietDoctor too for lots of info.

    The only downside is after a week you can get a bit grumpy/headachy for a couple days while you adapt/get over the addiction to sugar - but a mug of Bovril usually sorts you out.

  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 224 New bride

    I can highly recommend the body coach 90 days sss plan! It takes hard work and commitment but it works! The first cycle is all 25 minute HIITS which you can do at home, it's not a fad diet it's a reeducation in how to fuel your body but if you want to lose fat and shape up then I don't think there is anything better x

  • MashMash Posts: 73

    2 stone in 5months is totally do-able - tbh it depends where you are at now how fast you would lose - if you're very overweight it will come off quicker than if you're within your healthy BMI and want to get down to the lower healthy BMI.

    Couple comments from people in my facebook group in last few days; ( just because the results are good, people can stick to it, and it always sounds like some weird freaky diet scam when I post about it which is annoying I hate ''diets'' that cost you money and don't work long term)

    "Both of us have lost 7kg of weight in 5 weeks."

    "at almost 8 weeks of round one, 20 lbs lost."

    "I am starting week 8 today and have done better than I expected,lost 3 stone and better still resting blood sugar down from 9 to 4.5"

    ". I completed the 8 week blood sugar diet in April of this year. I lost 10 kg. during the 8 weeks and have since lost another 2 kg."

    "Weigh in Day :) 9st 10lb - overall loss from 12st 13lb - #8wbsd from 10st 8 @ end Aug"

    (that last one is me in October - am now 9st 6lb which was my target)




  • sonia9sonia9 Posts: 243

    Try and stick to reasonable portions and three meals, 2 snacks if you follow slimming world. as much as they say free food you can't eat mountains of pasta and lose weight xx

  • Emma593Emma593 Posts: 128 New bride

    I currently weight 10st 11 :( and want to be just under 9st my pre-fat weight - i am 5ft 2.


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  • MashMash Posts: 73
    gill17 wrote (see post):

    I recommend the 5:2. You only have to be good one day at a time, but it reduces ur appetite overall. I didn't exercise at all and lost nearly 3 stone on it. 

    And cutting out carbs and processed crap and eating proper fat really helps too. If you had more time then 5/2 on its own as it does slowly change your habits on your feed days,  but I'd start off cuttino down carbs now ( ditch the bread,pasta,potatoes,battered stuff) then after christmas do the 8wbsd, then eat naturally (you will have changed so it's a good diet generally by then) and do two fast days a week for maintenance.  You can do it!!!!

  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 876 New bride

    Secomding mash with a low carb diet! im also 5'2 and by cutting carbs 6 days a week (everyone needs a cheat day!) I've lost 9lbs since end of October (started at 10st 5lbs). I had a few days of headaches but feel so much better for it now. I eat loads more fruit and veg now too 

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