Wedding dress sizing issues, top heavy bride :-(

hi everyone, 

im worried that my dress is not going to fit properly or be able to be altered to the correct fit.

when I was measured at the bridal shop, measurements were - bust 43.5, waist 35, hips 39, they ordered a dress size 18 that has measurements of 42, 35, 46. I told them I would be losing weight for the wedding and they said they could alter the dress by two dress sizes.

ive looked on Eddy K website which confirms a size 14 dress has measurements of 39, 31, 43, so I'm now extremely worried that the dress is going to be way too big on the bottom as its already going to be at least 4 inches too big based on my current measurements (and I'm still losing weight).

has anyone had a dress reduced by more than two sizes? I'm wondering whether I should try another seamstress in the first instance? The shop have said not to worry but I am beginning to lose sleep. The dress is due to be here late May and I getting married mid July. Help! ❤️

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