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The battle that is losing weight


Like some brides, I've been trying to lose weight for my wedding. I don't need to lose loads of weight but I have al ways been self conscious about my body and there is so much pressure to be a slim bride. I've been going to the gym, eating a low carb diet (no chocolate during easter was tough) and yet I don't feel like it's working.  I went shopping recently and was looking for clothes for our honeymoon and I left feeling depressed.  My big fear now is that I'm going to be self conscious on my wedding day and honeymoon. So if any of you are losing weight, what's working for you? 


Sorry for my moan but I was so down. 


  • HiImMrsM2bHiImMrsM2b Posts: 160 New bride

    Hi Missy6

    When is your big day?

    I think a lot of brides, including myself, struggle with this battle to want to look picture perfect on our big day. Fact is, as I've seen many brides say, your OH is marrying you for who you are and not the ultra slim perfect body bride you hope to be. I've found that although my weight hasn't gone down an awful lot, my clothes are looser.

    The main things are just being strict with your diet if it's really getting you down. Drinking 3 litres of water a day has made a big difference for me. Swapping the stodgy comfort food for vegetables and fruits. At least once a week, but no more than twice, I restrict my calories to around 600.

    Hope this helps


  • Elmo85Elmo85 Posts: 32

    Hi missy6,

    My baby is due end of june and my wedding is in nov so not long to get the body back id like. Iv had the same "i love you for you not what size you are" rountine from the groom and the "he loves you the way you are" lines from friends as im sure all women have but come on us girls all know you want to look your best for your big day. My cousin is a PT and said best way to lose weight is to drink plenty of water and do 30mins on a skipping rope a day... so thats what im going to do.

    Hope it helps and congrats on wedding x

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