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Any early 2018 diet buddy brides that want to diet/support each other

As the title says - any early 2018 brides that want to slim together?  I have started (just) this week and my goal is to be most of the way there by September 201 as I am away on hols and then to target after that and then maintain till the wedding.

Anyone else want to join the journey for moral support and so on?


  • Mrs CrawleyMrs Crawley Posts: 211 New bride

    ill join!! I get married in September 2018 and I really need the motivation!! So far I have lost just over 1stone but my diets gone bang out the window these days 😒 got 2 and a half stone to lose!

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    I have 5 months to lose like half my bodyweight. Can I join in lol

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    I'm end of 2018 but already started on the dieting!!  I joined Slimming World in February.  Want to lose about 2 stone and also tone up arms etc.  I've lost about 10 pounds so far which is slow progress but hoping that means I'll keep it off!!  Just aiming for a pound a week and anything else is a bonus!!

    If anyone needs any advice on exercise just shout as used to be a Personal Trainer many moons ago!!

  • MissDukesMissDukes Posts: 74

    Ok cool - I shall start a new thread so please do come and join it :)

  • Rebecca470Rebecca470 Posts: 119

    I am June 2018 wedding and definitely want to get in shape for the wedding! :)

  • AmyrosieAmyrosie Posts: 134 New bride

    Also a June 2018 bride. Started looking at dresses last week which has motivated me to start the wedding diet now!

  • Irene21Irene21 Posts: 71

    I get married in February 2018 and really need some motivation to lose some weight! 

    Rene xxx

  • MissDukesMissDukes Posts: 74

    Anyone who wants to join us - I have made a thread called Spring 2018 - have less in the dress so please do come along and join us :)

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