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I don't get married till next summer but I am desperate to loose weight for my wedding and definitely before I go dress shopping. I have about 3 stone to loose, I have tired weight watchers and lost 10 lb but put it straight back on. I know there is no quick fix but any help you lovely people could off would be great. 


  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    I love slimming world but getting a fitbit helped me loads too as you can log food etc on the app

    Good luck


  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    I’m the same as you - lost the same and gained it back following SW Feb-April - a holiday and few social things put me back to square one and got me out of the mindset. I’m back on it again this week - using sensible principles and slimming world recipes as I find that if I simply calorie count I end up eating biscuits for dinner whereas Slimming World encourages me to fill up on healthy foods and reduce snacking which is overall healthier for me. I am allowing myself the odd treat here and there but the change I’m trying to make is before eating something I ask myself - what do I want more? This bar of chocolate or looking and feeling great on my wedding day? Do I really want Biscuits with my tea if it might slow me down getting to where I want? Do I want to go on my hen feeling crap in a bikini again? I am fully prepared that sometimes I’m going to say yes I really do want the chocolate but being mindful about what I’m eating and why really makes me eat less naughty stuff because usually I’ll shove it in and enjoy it without a care! I haven’t started dress shopping yet and want to lose a stone by June so I feel a bit better about myself and more motivated. I mean, I’ve lost and gained the same stone of the three I want to lose all of my adult life, I‘ve never felt great in my body and there’s just no way now I’m risking regretting it on my wedding day like I do on Every beach holiday where I wish Id started sooner etc. A slow and steady realistic approach is the one I want to take and know will work - even a pound a week is four stone in a year, so I’m trying to just keep ploughing away at smaller milestones and hopefully feel good in the process without making myself miserable!

    Just keep asking yourself - what do I want more? I’m only one week in but feel so much more in control of food and like I’ve got the right mindset about it than I have in a very long time just by asking that simple question. Really hope it keeps up! Good luck!! X

  • MrsMc2b2017MrsMc2b2017 Posts: 319

    I think the trick to weightloss is understanding your triggers. I actually found my major trigger was boredom so I focused on changing some habits to keep me more motivated. I'm also absolutely awful with routine. I seem to do my best to avoid it. I kept saying to myself it takes 21 days to break or make a new habit. And it worked. I made my dinners in advance when I could so when I did slip up and was too lazy to make anything after work I didn't feel so bad. Prosecco at the weekend was also a major player 😂

    I joined slimming world in october 2016 and lost 2 stone some Feb 2017. I felt great and then put about half a stone back on and felt awful. So I get that it's hard going. I'm now 7 months pregnant and all the weight has went back on but I'm planning on going back after maternity leave starts and hopefully that will boost me back up. 

    I also took pictures of myself in my clothes before I lost weight. And every time I lost a stone I put them back on and took the same picture. That was such a confidence booster and really helped. 

    Ultimately with everything there will come a point in time where you will know yourself that enough is enough. No one can tell you what or how you need to do it you'l just know. For me it was the realisation that at my weight, I was a prime target for type 2 diabetes and having lost my dad to diabetes in 2011 I did not want the same thing to happen to me. And that Kickstarter it. Also silly things like not being able to buy clothes in shops that flattered and dare I say it my sex life beginning to suffer due to my body confidence...Or lack of!

    Good luck on your journey and for your wedding planning! 

  • Emma860Emma860 Posts: 5

    Thanks guys, it's so nice to know your not on your own and you share your struggle with other people. There has been some great advice and yes I have to ask myself do I want chocolate or to be happy. 


    Good luck guys, keep me updated how you get on x

  • Hi Emma,

    I joined slimming world with the somewhat unrealistic hopes of losing 5 stone by March! I’ve lost weight with SW before so I’m just hoping that having a wedding dress to fit into is the motivation I need to succeed.

    How are you getting on? xx

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