Getting rid of belly fat!

Hi everyone, I really need some help!! I joined weightwatchers and have lost nearly two stone so far, which is great, but I still have such a big belly. I just can't seem to get rid of it. My jeans look massive on my legs because I have to buy them a size bigger because of my belly. I have my first wedding dress fitting in two weeks...has anyone got any tips? I am working crazy hours in the city and have a horrible commute so joining a gym is impossible, but any recommendations for exercise I can fit in at home or particular foods I should be eating/avoiding would be great. 

I know two weeks isn't long enough for dramatic changes but every little helps, and I have three months before the wedding so really want to try. 

Thanks in advance! 


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    I get quite bad bloating too. I try to drink a ton of water, and avoid salt, caffeine and carbonated drinks. And alcohol! It can make a huge difference in a short space of time. 

    I work in the city and have been making the most of the sun on my lunch breaks and going for a half hour walk or so. 

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far!

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  • Could you try doing a 30 days ab challenge, there are loads on pinterest a combo of sit up, crunches and leg raises etc, it wouldn't take too long to fit into morning or evening routine, I've tried in the past and it actually worked, I'm just too lazy to do it for much longer than 30 days!

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    How about 30 day shred, you can find it on you tube. It really does work and it’s not more than 30 minutes. Also agree with drinking lots of water and cutting out alcohol. 

  • Avoid simple carbs which are very bloating e.g. white rice, white bread, white potatoes etc etc. I'm a ceoliac so tend to avoid these foods anyway but I also avoid the GF versions too and it seems to help with my bloating and overall energy. I'm not saying do the Keto diet...I think any complex carb is good regardless of grams of carb.  

    Also drink lemon water as much as you can, this removes excess water in the body and as PP has said avoid caffeine, salt and most of all sugar in any refined form! 

    Mix up your exercise sessions as your body can plateau when you're doing the same work out over and over again, it's just not a challenge anymore. My exercise is mostly cardio but I switch up my run routes to include more or less hills and km's. I also do a little strength training and rowing machine when I can be bothered. 

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